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Bomberman Jetters - Game Cube

Bomberman Jetters - Game Cube
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Bomberman Jetters - Game Cube en Favori.

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Bomber Mansion:
Start a new game as bomberman, then kill yourself with bombs. The Prof will say you need more time at Bomber Mansion. When it asks you to continue, select no and go to the main menu.

Instruction manual:
Under the explanation of all the bomb items, it shows
a picture of the light bulb but gives the description of the jug.Just next to it, the manual shows a picture of the jug with the description of the light bulb.

Bomberkan mode:
Intentionally lose the game in normal mode and do not continue. Bomberkan mode will now be unlocked at the title screen.

Level 6:
Collect all ten Lightning Cards and defeat the level 5-4 Boss to unlock level 6.

Alternate ending:
Successfully complete level 6.

Bonus multi-player battle mode characters:
Hige Bandit 2: Get all three Red Hige Hige Cards.
Hige Bandit 3: Get all three Blue Hige Hige Cards.
Hige Bandit 4: Get all three Green Hige Hige Cards.
Mujoe: Get all three Yellow Hige Hige Cards.
Mighty: Get all five Jetters Cards.

Planet Bomber World:
Get all ten Lightning Cards from the evil bombers, then defeat the Boss in level 5-4 (Warhorse). The Planet Bomber world will now be unlocked. In it, you will battle two new Bosses (Mujoe and Dr. Mechadoc).

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