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Outlaw Golf - Game Cube

Outlaw Golf - Game Cube
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Outlaw Golf - Game Cube en Favori.

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More attributes

Play in the tour modes. After completing the putting, driving, etc., you will get more attributes.

New clubs and challenges

After completing the skins mode or match play, you will get new clubs and new challenges for that mode.

Increase composure

Use the following trick in two player mode if your composure is low and you want to increase it without using a Beat Down Token. When teeing off, hit the ball at 100%. While the ball is in flight, press Mulligan. Your composure will increase without losing a Beat Down Token.

Event bonuses

Successfully complete one of the following events to unlock the corresponding prize:

Jersey Ball BashBoiler Maker Irons
Rough RidersCincinnati Balls
Ladies NightDoc Diggler golfer
Garden State Stroke FestPython Wedge
Back 9 ShuffleBoiler Maker Wedge
Suave's RevengeAtlas Putter Gold
Hole Lotta Luv!Boiler Maker Fairway Woods
Chicks with SticksTrixie golfer
Garden State Ménage a TroisSuave's Balls
Ol' Blood and GutsCincinnati Driver
Different StrokesNelson Balls
Test DriveKiller Miller golfer
Money TalksCoiler Maker Driver
High RollersAtlas Irons
Stroke MeAtlas Driver
Stroke Me AgainCincinnati Irons
Full FrontalCincinnati Fairway Woods
Pretty In PinkAtlas Wedge
Odd Ball ClassicScrummy golfer
All The MarblesAtlas Putter (Black)
A Hole In The SunPython Irons
Tough CrowdPython Fairway Woods
Motley CrewExtacy Putter
Baked On The BoneSuki golfer
Sun StrokeBoiler Maker Putter
Heat Rash InvitationalPython Driver
Blister In the SunCincinnati Wedge
Hot, Hot, HotC.C. golfer
The Not-So-GoodfellasAtlas Fairway Woods
The Scorched Earth ClassicExtacy Balls

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