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Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - PC

Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - PC
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Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Ctrl Tab and type the following:

Show full map

Teleport party to pointer

Give selected characters number EXP

Add number gold to party total

Add 500 gold to party total

5 healing potions 5 antidotes and 1 Scroll Of Stone To Flesh

Cheat Mode

Always make a backup copy before making any changes. Open up the file 'icewind.ini' in the game directory with any text editor. Under Game Options add the line:


Start the game and press Ctrl Tab to display the console and type:


This will enable the following keys:

Ctrl J Move selected characters to pointer position
Ctrl R Heal or resurrect the selected character or portrait
Ctrl Y Kill selected monster or NPC with no EXP
Ctrl 4 Display trigger polygons; shows traps
Ctrl 9 Display character bounding boxes

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