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Operation Body Count - PC

Operation Body Count - PC
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Operation Body Count - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats CD Version

In the Body Count DIR type BCCDNSR250. Start a level and press Left Shift Alt B to enable the following cheats:

Left Shift W Warps to ant level
Left Shift I Invincibility Toggle
Left Shift R Reloads all Weapons
Left Shift D Max weapons
Left Shift P Plays current music track
Left Shift S Stops current music track

Various Cheats Floppy Version

In the Body Count DIR type BC VFR750HONDARC45. Start a level and press Left Shift Alt D to enable the following cheats:

Backspace G Invincibilty toggle
Backspace W Warps to any level
Backspace F Displays position
Left Shift Alt W Full weapons repeating increases ammo count

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