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Soldiers of Anarchy - PC

Soldiers of Anarchy - PC
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Soldiers of Anarchy - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

Press ENTER to activate the console and enter a code below.  A message will confirm correct code entry.  Repeat a code to disable it

hittingandhealing - [Ctrl] + Left Mouse Button damages clicked
object; [Shift] + Left Mouse Button heals clicked object

showtrader - seeker has all vehicles, weapons & equpment while in bunker

immortalone - Invincibility

winmission - Go to next mission

endlessmunition - Unlimited ammo

allvehicles - get one of every vehicle while in bunker

soldierspawn - spawn a soldier while in the bunker

speedhack - T and Z will change game speed

quitter - ????

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