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Area 51 - Playstation 2

Area 51 - Playstation 2
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Area 51 - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Unlock Final Secret

Grab all the other secrets to unlock the final secret (page 5). Well, d'uh.Unlocking Secret TapesScanning all five databank items in each stage yields one secret. Completing the game yields one secret.

Alien Multi-player Avatar

Beat Campaign mode on Hard difficulty setting to get alien Gray as a selectable multi-player avatar.<3>Upgrading The Alien GrenadeIn the stage Life or Death, there is a small key on a dead soldier in one of the lifts where Cole starts the stage. Grab it to open the small lockers in the stage. One of the small lockers in the first power conduit pit has a databank item that upgrades the alien grenade (it now homes in on enemies).

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