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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Playstation 2

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Playstation 2
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Dog tags:
Collect these amount of dog tags on the Tanker/Plant and you will aquire different items: Tanker
48 dogtags: Bandana-Infinate ammo
75 dogtags: Stealth
72 dogtags: Wig A-Infinate ammo
121 dogtags: Stealth
156 dogtags: Wig B-Infinate grip gauge
202 dogtags: Wig C- Infinate O2 gauge

Codec Trick:
Press R1 or R2, while someone is talking to you through the codec, you'll hear what your player is thinking.

In the plant:
In the parcel room (strut E), climb onto the counter top by the conyeror belt, and use your boxes to get around the plant. Different boxes take you to different places.
Box 1: Strut C
Box 2: Strut B
Box 3: Strut A
Box 4: Strut F
Box 5: Strut E

Increase grip strength:
Press L2 + R2 100 times when hanging on a ledge to do pull-ups.

Extreme difficulty setting:
Beat the game to unlock the extreme difficulty setting.

Get the Infinite Bandana:
To get Snake's infinite bandana get all the the dog tags in the tank chapter. To get dog tags you must first go up to a guard and stick your gun behind him. Then point the gun at the guard and you will say "freeze". Dont shoot the guard hold square and point the gun at his head or near his private area. The guard will say "dont shoot" or "dont kill me". Wait till you see the dog tag fall on the floor and put him to sleep or kill him. Some guards when you point a gun at them they will say "are you going to shoot me". This is when you need a usp.Shoot the guards leg then point you usp to his face and the guard will drop his dog tag.

Hear yourself:
When you are talking to anybody press R2 and L2 then you will hear yourself talking back too. 

To stick up a guard:
Sneek up behind a sentry and point your weapon at him. (If you have stealth, you can just wait til he walks up to you) Snake/Riaden will say "Freeze!". Then lower your weapon and walk in front of them. Make sure you have your weapon out or they will attack you when they see it isn't out. Point your gun at either they're head or groin. The first thing they will drop is their dog tags. If you already have that person's dog tags they will drop ammo, rations, ect. If they get tough and say "Are you going to shoot me?" or "Who are you??", shoot your socom or usp at the ground or in their leg or arm. Then they'll cooperate! Be careful, though, if another sentry is nearby, they'll hear it and both of them will shoot at you!

Dirty Cheat:
When you first enter the interior of the tanker, go right. You should see a door on the right side of the hallway. This is a locker room. If you open some lockers, you can see some pin-ups of some hot japanese chicks. Make Solid Snake crouch, then press against the locker and tap on the girls crotch. Then a little exclamation point should pop up above Snake's crotch!

Things to do:
In the tanker below decks, you will see terrorist guards looking at the wall with their scope. (What's the point in that??) To find out what the big deal is, take out your camera and search the wall. You will find a poster. (Don't shoot it though, as it will explode and send you into alert. Wierdly, another poster magically appears in its place.)

Also, in the second hold, if you go next to the projectors and press Triangle, you will change what screen it is on. Dont press it too much, or Snake will lose control and hit the button WAY too much and it goes into game over. (Upon doing this, it goes into a special movie where the Marines go back and forth between the two screens. I guess Marines are as biga bag of suckers for women as the guards are. :) But remember, as this may be humerous, it will get you game over.)

In Stut A the roof reconnaisance, if you look up long enough the seagulls will drop their disgusting presents down on Raiden! If you want revenge, equip any gun and shoot down the birds and watch feathers fly!

If you shoot loads of them, The colonel will contact you and complain about you being cruel. 

Easy Dog Tags:
Late in the plant chapter, many of the gaurds are unwilling to give up their dog tags so easily. There is another way to claim the tags of an unwilling soldier besides shooting him in the leg or arm. If you take out the SOCOM and he wont give in, take out a larger gun like the AK 74U, most of the guards that are unwilling immediately cave in at the sight of the AK 74U. If the crazed fool STILL WONT GIVE IN, take out the stinger missille launcher, press the first person view button to get out of the aiming screen and point it at the suckers face. I have beaten all the difficulty modes, and every single gaurd will give up his tag to this tactic.

Guards in boxers:
In the tanker level if you get to the holds where the marines are fast enough they are all in their boxers.

Finding weapons:
Socom: Go to Strut B after video-sequence, you will obtain the Socom. NOTE: On Easy amd Very Easy, after sequence the socom silence will be inches away from RAIDEN.

M9: Go to strut F and cross the hall. Go to the door and walk through it. You will see ammunition boxes. Go to the left of them. You now have the M9. NOTE: on easy and very easy, at the begining of the game, right when it starts, go up the small set of steps. Then go to the 2 small boxes and climb on the one with item box on it. You have now obtained the M9.

Chaff grenade: Go the bc connecting bridge and walk across it up to the part where seal team10 died at. Go to the broken bridge. You will see an item box. You have now obtained a few chaff grenades.

Socom silencer: See the note on socom. The other way to get it is to go down stairs in strut F. There will be these 2 doors at the back of the room. Take the one to the left. Go to the back-left part of the room. There will be a item box there. Crouch down (X) and crawl into the vent in front of you. Follow the passage to the end.

Ak 74u: Go to the front of the basement of strut F. There are two doors, either one works. Search the room. You'll find the Ak. NOTE: on very easy and easy, you'll find the Ak silencer.

M4: On the upper floor of strut F, you should find a door that has a level 2 card sign on it. Go in but ONLY 1 FOOT! Turn left and you'll see a blinking green light. Shoot it, NOT the c4 next to it. You've obtained the M4.

Rgb 6: There is another door with a level 2 sign. Go in and the Rgb 6 is yours!

Nikita: Go to the B2 in the shell 2 core. Take a swim and follow the hallway. At the end, there is a Nikita.

Hand-grenades: Go to strut F and find a door with a level 3 door (theres more than 1!) There are multiple boxes of grenades.

Stinger: When fighting the Harrier, snake throws you a Stinger launcher.

Rations, Peptatizam and ammunition can be found anywhere.

If you got a C4, have Raiden find any bugs (the ones near vents) and plant it right in between all of them. Stand back, lie down and go into 1st person view. Detonate the C4 and watch the bugs splat onto the screen.

AK-47 silencer in normal mode:
After you beat the harrior. Shell 1-2 connecting bridge. Climb up a platform and the way curves to the right, look left and theres a platform you can get on if you use your flip. Use coolant and ak-47 silencer is yours.

Take picture:
Take a picture of the poster of the guy's chest that you find in the room with the raven toy on the floor on the tanker level. Submit it with the other pictures once you reach the computer in the hold. Oticon will make a comment about snake's sexuality.

When you start on the plant level with Raiden when you get on top of strut A the seagulls will poop on you. If you want you can take out any gun or tranqulizer and shoot a seagull thats perching on the railing. If you shoot it with a tranqulizer it will fall asleep.

Just his imagination. Or is it?:
In Deck 2 go to the thrid door (the area to hide in when the gard comes) When he comes peek around the corner and a pipe next to you will drop. Now watch the funny scene.

Pictures in lockers:
Some lockers have pictures in them. If you find one you can get snake/raiden to kiss it. To do this:
1. Get inside a locker
2. Adjust the camera towards the picture
3. Hold R1 to kiss it (you'll hear a smootching sound)
4. Let go of R1 to end the kissing.
Note: you can only kiss pictures of women without the phrase 'konami eyes' on them.

If you want to get a camera ealier in the game then follow this cheat! Go into the facility room go down the stairs then back up the stairs into the black and white area climb onto the belt were boxes / packages are going along the srip of black and cover yourself up in a box (in your inventory) and wait until you go into another room then climb down and you should see a camera there!


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