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Enchanted Arms - Playstation 3

Enchanted Arms - Playstation 3
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Easy money:
When you need a lot of TB (money), go to the casino and play roulette. Bet on one number to win 36,000 tokens. When you make 200,000 tokens, keep buying the God Ambrosia in the casino shop for 400 TB (3,600 TB for nine). Then, go to the real shop and sell all nine for 21,600 TB. 200,000 tokens will allow you to gain over 1 million TB. This will be useful after Phase 5 (Chapter 26 if you have the guidebook).

Easy tokens:
To get easy tokens, go to the casino and play the roulette game. You will have to make multiple bets. First, bet your 1,000 tokens on one number (preferably one that you are able to bet on all sides and corners). Then, bet on the four lines of that number and the corners. Next, bet on the column and the row; also the color and the number (even or odd). Finally, bet on the half of the board that number lies on. If the wheel stops on the number you will get the maximum amount of tokens you are able to win on one spin of the roulette wheel.

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