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Mortal Kombat 2 - Playstation 3

Mortal Kombat 2 - Playstation 3
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Fight Jade:
When you are at the match that is right before the '?' on the match chart, you can fight Jade if the following steps are taken. One of the rounds must be won using only Low Kicks and the Directional Pad. The other round can be won normally. Once you meet all those requirements, you will fight Jade at 'Goro's Lair'.

Fight Noob Saibot:
When in a 2 player game, you can fight Noob Saibot if the following steps are taken. 50 matches must be won in a row. All of those 50 matches must be won in 2 player mode. Once you meet all these requirements, you will fight Noob Saibot at 'Goro's Lair'.

Fight Smoke:
When fighting on 'The Portal Stage' in a 1 or 2 player game, you can fight Smoke if the following steps are taken. Dan Forden must appear at the bottom of the screen and yell 'Toasty!'. Down and Start must be held at the same time right after you see Dan Forden. Once you meet all these requirements, you will fight Smoke at 'Goro's Lair'. Notes - Dan Forden will only appear after an uppercut. His appearance after an uppercut is random though.

Make opponent slide off the spikes:
On the kombat tomb stage (the one with spikes all over the ceiling) when it's time to finish the opponent, do your character's stage fatality command, then as soon as the "du du duuuu" music starts, hold DOWN on player 1 and player 2's joystick until the opponent starts to slide off the spikes.

No Throws option:
If you are playing against a human opponent. You have the option of no throws. To do this Hold D+HP on both joysticks before the match begins. If successful it will say ''Throwing Disabled.''

Code - Effect
D+HP - NO Throws (Throwing Disabled) Works in 2 Player only.

Oh Wow!
After performing a Stage Fatality on 'The Dead Pool Stage', you can hold Down and Block to hear Dan Forden say 'Oh Wow!'.

Play pong
To play pong, you must keep playing until you reach the 250th battle. When the battle is about to begin, you'll receive a message that you will enter another dimension. Afterwards, a Pong screen will appear. Whoever earn 7 points will able to continue the game

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