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Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal - Playstation

Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal - Playstation
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Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal - Playstation en Favori.

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Level Select

At the options Stamper menu hold L1 L2 R1 R2 Left Circle Select.

Cheat Codes Screen

At the options Stamper menu holdL1 L2 R1 R2 Left Circle Triangle Square and press X.

Various Cheats

At the Cheat Codes screen enter any of the following "Codes":
FEATHER Low Gravity
WEAKROBOT Weak Opponents
TINYTINY Little Tiny
FMVAAAView Dead River Canyon Intro FMV
FMVBBB View MortarVilla Airfield Intro FMV
FMVEEE View Desert RoboTrain Intro FMV
FMVGGG View the Nanometal Mountain Intro FMV
FMVIII View Atmospheric Reduction Center Intro FMV
FMVJJJ View Magneto Synchrotron Transporter Intro FMV
FMVMMM View Mount Mutank Intro FMV
FMVNNN View The Rail Gun Launcher Intro FMV
FMVPPP View The Maze Intro FMV
FMVTTT View Appaloosa Interactive FMV
FMVUUU View Game Over FMV
FMVVVV View Ending FMV
FMVWWW View Tiny Tank Music Video FMV

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