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Addams Family - Super Nintendo

Addams Family - Super Nintendo
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Addams Family - Super Nintendo en Favori.

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Snap Thing's Fingers

During the opening sequence press L R.

Start with PowerUp

Watch the Demo then when Gomez takes an item press Start. You'll begin the game with that item.

Secret PowerUp Room

When the game begins enter the hall of stairs and move to the left. After passing the last door on the left press Up. You'll enter a secret door that leads to Pugsley's Den. Go through the second secret door to reach a hidden powerup room behind the stairs.

Basement Passage

In the Music Room wait for the music to stop. Now the passage in the basement is open.

Various Cheats


Special Passwords

To start the game with 99 lives, enter: 1 1 1 1 1
To start the game with 99 lives and the hearts, enter: L 1 1 1 L

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