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Capcom Fighting Evolution - XBOX

Capcom Fighting Evolution - XBOX
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Capcom Fighting Evolution - XBOX en Favori.

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Fight as Pyron:
Defeat Pyron in arcade mode. You will also unlock his stage.

Fight against Ingrid:
Win each round of your first three matches with at least one perfect finish.

Fight against Shin Akuma:
Successfully complete the game once with each character, except for Pyron. Shin Akuma will appear after Pyron is defeated when using a team containing your last set of characters.

Alternately, complete the game in arcade mode under any difficulty setting, winning all rounds including those against Pyron. Also have at least two Perfect finishes and at least one super combo finish in each match. Shin Akuma will appear after Pyron is defeated.

Fight as Shin Akuma:
Defeat Shin Akuma in arcade mode.

Classic Character Sound Themes:
Successfully complete the game to unlock classic themes for the characters used in the "Sounds" option. To unlock Shin Akuma's music, defeat Pyron as Shin Akuma.

Select Victory Pose:
Press a Kick or Punch button after winning a round to change your victory pose.

Switch starting characters:
Between matches, hold two Kick buttons. When the match begins, you can start the round with your second selected character instead of your first.

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