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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - XBOX

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - XBOX
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Easy completion of Mogadishu Mile mission:
Once the mission starts, run in front of the last AAV. Jump on the front of it to get an easy ride to the end of the mission. By doing this, you will be on top of it when they speed up and will not have to catch up. This results in you completing the mission faster and easier.

Sniper rifle zooming:
Click and hold the Right Analog-stick to zoom in to the maximum with the sniper rifle. Alternately, hold R and click and hold down the Right Analog-stick.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks in an online game to unlock the corresponding medal:

Bronze Star: Get 1,000 kills
Combat Medical Badge: As a medic, save the lives of three teammates
Distinguished Service Cross: Get five hours of playing online
Delta Cross: Get ten knife kills
Hill Giant Medal: Get 10 minutes on Hill
Headhunters Medal: Get five headshots
Infantry Badge: Get 50 kills
Purple Heart: Get saved five times by a Medic
Meritorious Service Medal: Win 10 out of 20 games

Team tag:
While playing team tag online, if you have the flag some good places to take it to are as follows:

Gasoline Alley: In the garage; on the things that go along the entrance of the garage.
Black Hawk Down: On the broken buildings, top floor.
Last Defense: Keep running around in the trenches with M203s.

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