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NBA Ballers: Phenom - XBOX

NBA Ballers: Phenom - XBOX
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Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes at the vs. screen where there are three basketballs before a game begins to activate the corresponding cheat function. The first number represents how many times X is pressed. The second number represents how many times Y is pressed. The third number represents how many times B is pressed. End the code by pressing the D-pad in any direction. For example, press X, Y(2), B(3) and any D-pad direction to activate code 1 2 3.

Effect - Code
Alternate gear - 1 2 3
Tournament mode - 0 1 1
Speedy players - 2 1 3
Big head - 1 3 4
Kid Ballers - 1 4 3 3

Finish story mode.

Start career with extra attributes:
Go to the KG's agent, located at the back of the rest rooms. He will be marked with "!". He will tell you that KG's phone is lost. After that, go to the very left of Hollywood City. You will find the phone next to the basketball seller. Then, go to your closet. Select "Shoes" then look for KG's shoes. They will give you +16 Power, + 15 Speed, +10 Stamina and -3 Ball Handling. Also, go to "Bottoms" and look for "Pregame Specials". They will give you an extra +7 Speed, +11 Stamina, +4 Ball Handling . Then, start your career.

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