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Whacked! - XBOX

Whacked! - XBOX
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FOOD characters

create a new profile in gamshow mode. name it FOODFIGHT. then go to battle mode and go to any character except lucky lucy and lance and press the white button. they will become a food product. this cheat also unlocks all the cinamatics and mabey somthing else like food weapons or somthing can't remember.

UBER mode

make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it UBERHUNGARIAN and then got to battle mode and select combat mode and go to how many stars you have to collect. go to 200 stars and press the white button. it will say UBER. you will have to get 400 stars to win in this mode.

All Characters & FMV'smode

make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it DOUBLEDOUBLE

All Weapons & FMV's mode

make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it TIMEFORCHAOS

All Arenas, weapons, weapon sets & FMV's mode

make a new profile in Gameshow mode and name it AROUNDDAWORLD

Unlock all levels and all weapons

All you have to do is beat the game because as you do all the challenges in each curtain level you unlock levels that you don't have and weapons that you don't have.

Note:It does not matter what difficulty you play

Unlock Lance,Otto,Charity

To unlock lance you have to beat curtain 1. To unlock Otto you have to beat curtain 2.
To unlock Charity you have to beat curtain 3.

Note:It does not matter what diffculty you beat the curtain's on.

Unlock Van tastic and hell

To unlock van tastic and hell you have to beat the 4 curtain then you will see a movie and Van tastic will show you his true face! He then will challenge you to a combat match you can only win by getting 200 stars in 5 minutes if you beat him you will get Van tastic and hell but you can only be him in battle mode.

How to unlock Game Art

Finish the game and view the credits in the theatre menu. After the credits stop some game art will be shown

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