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Crazy Taxi - Dreamcast

Crazy Taxi - Dreamcast
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Crazy Taxi - Dreamcast en Favori.

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Expert Mode

At the Character Selection screen hold L R Start. If done correctly the word Expert will appear in the lower left corner.

Secret Push Bike

At the Character Selection screen press L R L R L R then choose a driver.

Disable Arrow Indicators

As the Character Selection screen appears hold R Start.

Disable Destination Indicator

As Character Selection screen appears hold L Start.

Another Day Mode

At the Character Selection screen press R then hold R when you pick your character. If done correctly you will hear a horn.
Submitted by Dru Smith

Alternate Displays

In Arcade or Original Mode and during gameplay press B on Controller Three for a first person perspective. Press Y on Controller Three for another angle. Press X5x on Controller Three to view a speedometer. Press A on Controller Three to reset back to default.

extra people

Submitted by richard wright

extra cars

B+L+R+X+R+R+R+B+Y+UP+LEFT+UPSubmitted by richard wright

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