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Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game - Game Boy Advance

Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game - Game Boy Advance
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Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game - Game Boy Advance en Favori.

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Defeating Guldo

Select Gohan as you character. He gets a bonus of two power level gains in his round. Next, put all the Defense cards you have in the deck. It is crucial to stop Guldo's MP card. Then, with all remaining cards, put them into Anger cards. This should stop all of Guldo's attacks. Also, Gohan's second Personality stage makes it so his MP card defends against Guldo's attacks. If you only have one Defense card remaining, take the hits until Guldo uses himself, then block it. This may require two or three attempts. You can also use Freiza due to his power of cutting damage down by two Life cards.

Frieza Smiles card

The Frieza Smiles card is a double-edged sword. When used as the first card in combat, it stops all Energy or all Physical attacks for the rest of the round, but this affects both you and your opponent.

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