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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Game Boy Advance

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Game Boy Advance
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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Game Boy Advance en Favori.

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Easy Rupees

In Link to the Past, go to the light world Kakariko Village and go to the under ground cave. There you should Find a hart piece and 20 Rupees. 10 Rupees and a hart piece are in a secret part of the cave and 10 other Rupees should be in pots. Then go out of the cave and then go back in 20 Rupees should be in there again.

How to buy the Golden Bee

To buy the Golden Bee you must first go to the light world, go to the entrance next to where you find the Ice Rod, and dash the statue, a shiny Bee, the Golden Bee, will come out. capture him with the Bug-Cathcing net and take him to the dark world, Village of Outcasts, go to the animal seller and he will say "Wow! A Golden Bee maybe ours isn't so special at all!" then leave the house and enter it again, you will now be able to buy the Golden Bee for 88 Rupees. You can buy as many Golden Bees as long as you have an empty bottle

Unlimited rupees

YOU MUST HAVE THE ABILITY TO LIFT ROCK TO DO THIS CHEAT . Just east of the desert in the light world by the guy that won't talk to you there should be two big sized rocks lift the one at the bottom then there should be a stairway leadind down. Go down the stairs there should be 10 pots with 5 rupees in each. Just keep re-entering and by no time you should have 999 rupees

Unlimited Rupees 2

You also need the super speed shoes. Now this code may take a while but it's all for the benefit in the end. First place you can do this is at the little village. Go to the south-east part of the village by the entrance to the sword tempering place. There you should see a tree all by it's self. Using the super shoes, ram that tree and a rupee will appear. Then you must go to another screen then come back and ram it again. You may do this as long as you like until you have 999 rupees or until you don't feel like doing it anymore.
Also there is another place to do this where a blue rupee appears each time. You must have the super shoes and the dark world for this one. While in the dark world, go to the Witch's house. Go to the lft of her house and up until you see anpther tree all by it's self. Ram it for a blue rupee, then leave the screen and come right back. Ram it again until you have 999 rupees or until you have the desired amount of rupees. These codes are useful when you are needing to buy the super bomb, health potion, the flippers, a new shield, etc.

Magic Boomerang

Magic Boomerang: Obtain the Super Bomb after completing four dungeons. Then, go to the Bomb Shop where Link's House is in the Dark World. Purchase the Bomb. Take the Bomb to the crack in the Pyramid and blow up the wall. Enter the hole and throw your sword first (only if the sword is level 3), followed by your arrows, and finally the boomerang. You will receive the Gold Sword, Silver Arrows, and the Magic Boomerang. Note: The boomerang should turn a reddish-orange color.


Transformations (1): Go to the village. Enter the house to the left, with the patrolling lady. One of the pots contains a chicken. Throw magic dust on it to it turn into a lady. The green characters in Light World near the witches hut will turn into hotdogs, and the soldiers will turn into sand bags.

Transformations (2): If you throw magic potion on a bee it will turn into a fairy.

Transformations (3): If you throw magic powder on an orange fireball that takes away hearts and magic, it will turn into a fairy.

Attack of the Chickens

Chicken attack: Corner a chicken in town and keep slashing it with the sword. After awhile a group of chickens will attack you. Note: If this is done twice, you will die and have to start from a saved game.

Chicken attack (2): Find any chicken (even dead ones in the Dark World) outside of a house. Corner it, then use any available item to attack it. Keep hitting it until you are suddenly attacked by flying deadly chickens. The amount of time you need to wait depends on the item you use. The more powerful, the less the wait. To flee from the attack, leave the area into a new screen, or pick up the chicken.

Early Dark World

Get into The Dark World before getting the Master Sword: This trick will only work if you have the Moon Pearl, but you do not need the third Pendant. At the top of the mountain in the Light World is a warp to the Dark World. Use this, then travel down to where the bridge would be. Squeeze very close to it, then use the Mirror to travel to the Light World. Do the lightest button-tap possible, then wait for the portal to bring you back. Do not move. Use the mirror again, and when you are in the Light World, walk into the fence. Facing the fence, charge your sword and slowly move back into the portal. You should now be on the edge of the cliff. Move right to jump off, then walk to where you see a lava break and a rock next to each other (at the bottom of the screen.) Move in between them and move down. The screen should move to you on a hill in the Dark World.

Some Hints of Some Use

Getting the cape without the Titans Mitt: You must at least have the Mirror, the Hookshot, the Boots and the Moon Pearl. Go to the Dark World graveyard and move to the location where the grave that held the cape was in the Light World. Since there are bushes you do not need your glove. Go to the corner of that little spot and use the Mirror. It will transport you to that same area in the Light World. Now you can simply ram the grave get the cape. Then go back to the warp point to get back out.

Catching the running man in the village: The man in the village that runs away from you can be caught. Just use the Running Boots to catch up with him.Potion from Fairy: Go to the waterfall where the magic boomerang is obtained. Throw in an empty bottle. Tell the Fairy that you dropped in the bottle. She will reward your honesty with a free magic potion.Fairy from pot: Sprinkle Magic Powder on some skull-shaped pots in some of the Dark World dungeons to get a Fairy.Bug catching net: The bug catching net can be used as an alternative to reflect magic back at Agahnim.

General Hints And Playing Tips

More money (1): Go to the village and enter the house with the patrolling young lady. Go up to the painting on the back wall and pull on it. Hold on until coins appear.

More money (2): Go in the Desert of Mystery, very close to where you obtained the second pendant. There are two big rocks after you obtained the Power Gloves. They are in the same temple as the second Pendent. Pick up the rock that is behind the first rock. There should be steps there. Go down to find a man surrounded by pots. You will find five rupees under every pot. Exit, then re-enter until you obtain as many rupees as needed.

More money (3): Go to Turtle Rock in the Dark World. Pull on the right paw and wait for coins.

Blue rupees: Get the Master Sword, then return to Hyrule Castle. Chop down any bushes and weeds, and kill all enemies outside the castle. Return to the secret entrance which your character fell into at the start of the game and jump in to reach a room full of Blue rupees.
Extra bombs or arrows: Go to the Pond Of Happiness in the lower right corner of the map and throw in rupees until a fairy appears. She will ask if you want to carry more bombs or arrows. Select which ever you prefer, as you can repeat this until up to 50 bombs and 70 arrows are accumulated. Note :A large number rupees are required.
Super bomb: Complete the Ice Palace followed by the Misery Mire Maze. Go to your house in the Dark World and buy the orange and white bomb.


Location one: In the village where you see the man with four bottles, talk to him, and he will give you bottles.

Location two: Go to the long house where the man talks about his daughter. Exit the house, go to the other side, and enter. It appear that you can do so, but you can.

Location three: After you have obtained the flippers, cross the bridge and go down. Keep going until you see somewhere that you can enter. Then, swim under the bridge and talk to the man.

Bottle Locations

Bottle #1
In Kakariko Village, go to the snake charmer.You can buy the first bottle from him for 100 rupees.

Bottle #2
South of the bug-catching kids house is a back entrance to the inn.Inside are two pots and a chest.Remove the pot in front of the chest and open it to obtain the second bottle.

Bottle #3
Once you have Zora's Flippers, go to Lake Hylia and dive in.Once in the water, swim north then west,then swim under the bridge.There is a man there that will give you the third bottle.

Bottle #4
Once you have the Titan's Mitt, remove the boulders east of the Village of Outcasts(dark world)and go in the house that would be the smithy in the light world.Inside,you'll find a chest that you can't open,so it follows you.Immediatly use the magic mirror to go to the light world. Take the chest to the anonymous man just outside the Desert of Mystery(light world).The man is actually a lockpicking thief and will open the chest for you.Inside is the fourth bottle.

Free Healing

To do this trick you have to have the speed boots.Start at links house then go outside to the hill.Go down it take a right and go up take a left (were the sign is)then go down and another left there are three gaurds kill ram the tree on the right of witch the guards were walking threw.a healing fairy will appear.walk out of that screen and go back and ram it again (do this as many times as desired.

How to get the Magic Cape Early

When you are in the Dark World go to where the graveyard in the Light World would be (go to the part on the far right). Then use the magic mirror to transport to the light world. When you are in the light world and you are by a tombstone surronded by green rocks (you cannot lift those colored rocks until you get the Titans Mits). Then move the tombstone in front of you and there should be stairs leading you to the cape. When you get it you will be invisible and invincible for how much magic you may have.

The Waterfall of Wishing

A fairly important secret, the Waterfall of Wishing provides Link the opportunity to upgrade two of his very important items, his Shield and his Boomerang. The Waterfall of Wishing is located at the end of the river in which you get the Flippers from Zora, but on the opposite end of the river. Pass by the Witch's Hut, move the green stone to gain access to the river, and you'll be in the general vicinity. You need the Flippers to access the Waterfall of Wishing, however. Read the signs in the area to find its location, and then jump into the water. Swim north into a waterfall and you'll be in a secret cave. Now, approach the pond in the cave and it'll ask you to throw an item into the water. Throw your Shield in the water to get the Red Shield back, and your Boomerang in the water to get the Magical Boomerang back, both free of charge.

Unlock Sword Beam in Four Swords

Play Link to the Past and get the Master Sword in the Lost Woods (you will need all three amulets for this). Once you have the Master Sword, save your game. When you quit and start the game again, a message will confirm that you can now use the Sword Beam (when your heart meter is full) in Four Swords as well.

Riddle Mini-Quest

Earn ten medals in the Four Swords mode to start the riddle quest with the Lumberjack in Link to the Past. Finish the Riddle Quest to obtain the "Hurricane Blade" skill.

Blind Spot In Tile Trap Rooms

In rooms with the poltergeist tiles, stand at the edge of the room and face the center of the room. The tiles will bounce harmlessly off the shield.

Drastic Dark World Shortcut

Upon entering Dark World and completing the first dungeon, Link can enter the Thieves' Den dungeon in the Village of Outcasts and upon completing it, he can use the Titan's Mitt to get the Dwarves to upgrade the Master Sword from L2 to L3.

Running Man

The running man in Kakariko Village, that dashes away from you each time you approach, can actually be caught up to. To catch him, run towards him with the Pegasus Shoes. It'll take some practice, but you can catch up to him. Nothing useful happens though, he just tells you about some various things that aren't very important. Still, it's fun to be able to catch him.

Unlimited hearts

to get unlimited hearts you need the speed boots
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