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Turok: Evolution - Game Boy Advance

Turok: Evolution - Game Boy Advance
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Turok: Evolution - Game Boy Advance en Favori.

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Level passwords

1-2 K8T87 NL46K 6T8K
1-3 K8T87 NL46K T7R3
1-4 K8T87 NL46K 4V2T
2-1 K8T87 NL46K 7NR1
2-2 K8977 N5408 VR0S
2-3 K8T77 NL42R 2T74
2-4 K8T77 NL42R 39KV
3-1 K8T77 NL42R KV41
3-2 55987 L5452 V052
3-3 5K987 V5452 3678
3-4 5K987 V5452 LV15
4-1 5K987 V5452 3K21
4-2 5K987 V5452 9VL2
4-3 KK987 V2457 TV7L
4-4 KK987 V2457 5RTV
5-1 KK987 V245T K69L
5-2 KK987 V245T 759T
5-3 KL987 NT465 364V
5-4 KL987 NT465 TK8N

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