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Army Men - Game Boy

Army Men - Game Boy
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Army Men - Game Boy en Favori.

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Alpine: Construction Passwords

Secure Region: Mortar Plane Machine Gun Plane
Get the Tank: Helicopter Jeep Grenade Tank
Sack the Base: Machine Gun Helicopter Helicopter Jeep
Final Assault: Mortar Helicopter Machine Gun Jeep
Victory: Plane Tank Plane Machine Gun

Alpine: Prison Camp Passwords

Assault Prep: Machine Gun Tank Helicopter Jeep
Assault Start: Machine Gun Mortar Plane Mortar
Destroy Camp: Mortar Machine Gun Grenade Mortar
Escape: Plane Machine Gun Grenade Machine Gun

Alpine: Winding River Passwords

Patrol: Mortar Mortar Grenade Machine Gun
Defense: Helicopter Grenade Jeep Machine Gun
Radar Round Up: Jeep Mortar Machine Gun Machine Gun
House Call: Helicopter Jeep Grenade Plane
Movin' On: Plane Tank Mortar Jeep

Desert: Cactus Flats Passwords

Caution: Grenade Machine Gun Helicopter Jeep
En Route: Jeep Helicopter Helicopter Jeep
Clean Up: Machine Gun Grenade Machine Gun Grenade

Desert: Casa Flats Passwords

Enter Town: Machine Gun Helicopter Jeep Machine Gun
To The Bank: Grenade Grenade Helicopter Helicopter
Stop the Tans: Machine Gun Jeep Machine Gun Helicopter
Tan's HQ: Jeep Jeep Grenade Machine Gun

Desert: Winding Canyon Passwords

Find that Jeep: Machine Gun Plane Jeep Helicopter
Clear Patrols: Tank Helicopter Jeep Machine Gun
Clear the Radar: Mortar Tank Helicopter Jeep
Play it Again: Machine Gun Helicopter Tank Mortar
To the Helipad: Machine Gun Mortar Machine Gun Helicopter

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