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Driver - Game Boy

Driver - Game Boy
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Driver - Game Boy en Favori.

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Cheat Mode

At the Main Menu highlight Undercover and press Up Up Down Down Up Down Up Down Up Up Down Down.

Level Passwords

1 Face Face Face Face
2 Tire Tread Badge Cone Red Siren
3 Stoplight Key Key Blue Siren
4 Cone Cone Cone Badge
5 Key Red Siren Red Siren Stoplight
6 Key Badge Tire Tread Blue Siren
7 Badge Cone Badge Red Siren
8 Red Siren Badge Key Tire Tread
9 Cone Blue Siren Red Siren Red Siren
10 Badge Badge Stoplight Cone
11 Blue Siren Key Key Key
12 Stoplight Tire Tread Red Siren Badge
13 Key Badge Badge Cone
14 Red Siren Blue Siren Red Siren Blue Siren
15 Tire Tread Key Cone Stoplight

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