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Faceball 2000 - Game Boy

Faceball 2000 - Game Boy
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Faceball 2000 - Game Boy en Favori.

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Extra Levels Lives and Speed

Start on Level 1 and find the exit. Shoot it 5 times and explore the level again.

Warp to Level 10

After finding the Level 1 exit turn around 180 degrees. Shoot the wall then shoot the next wall and touch the glowing .

Warp to Level 20

After finding the Level 10 exit turn around 180 degrees. Shoot the wall and touch the glowing .

Warp to Level 40 and PowerUps

Begin a game on very easy and do the extra levels etc cheat above. Walk up to the sphere so it opens but do not take the lives in the sphere. Back away and do it again. Back away again and walk up to the sphere a third time a key will be available. Take the key and a wall will open. Run towards the 3 spheres that are in the new room. They will give you shield fire powerup and points. There's an exit in the room too that will take you to Level 40.

Warp to Level 71

At the beginning of Level 5 touch the left wall 5 times and shoot the right wall 5 times.

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