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Final Fantasy Legend III - Game Boy

Final Fantasy Legend III - Game Boy
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Final Fantasy Legend III - Game Boy en Favori.

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Final Fantasy Legend III - Astuces Soluces

How to beat Xagor

Before the battle with Xagor, make sure you have a mystic sword for everybody. Durend and Xcaliber You should already have. You must make the other swords. Next make sure everybody in your party has either cure A or cure B ( i recommend cure B, but it will take alot more training until everyone gets it). Next you must buy the samurai armor for everyone or mirror armor (both work excellent). Make sure your shields and boots are updated. These places are going to be the most important in battle. If your defense, attack, and speed are at 90-99, your ready to battle the mighty Xagor!!When you come into battle, you will fight Sol. Dont worry he will not harm you. Once Xagor appears, this is when the battle really heats up! Mostly likely he will use wall on himself. Practically all of your attacks are going to decrease into either the 900's or lower. If one of your guys is strong enough, he/she will probably do over 1000 with the xcaliber. Watch out for an attack called D-force. This attack will either do over 1000, or in the high 900's to 1 of your character's. Attack him in full force with the mystic swords and make Borgin use "white". Cure only under harsh conditions. Xagor most likely use any status effects on your team mates. That should be a little relief. If you followed these directions, he should be dead in no time.

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