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Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets - Game Boy

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets - Game Boy
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Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets - Game Boy en Favori.

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How to get alohamora

Get all 25 wizard cards

Find the crystals and batle the Giant Firecrab

Some of the crystals are in icicles.So use the flipendo spell to get it.Some are in carts, so use the B button. Also some you must destroy the creatures or beast.The last one you must open a little deathtrap. There is a boulder or rock you must roll it under the deathtrap and go to the lever and mush the rock and the last crystal will be there.Now go to the hole by the goblin and you will see a giant crystal and the vault will open and you will battle a giant firecrab.To defeat it you will use a full blast of Flipendo 6-10 times.


Start in diagon alley in the quidditch shop.Buy Chudley-cannons shirt. You give it to Ron when you have bought it. He will give you a baseballcard.Give it to the boy in the card shop.He gives you a wrongprinted card. Give it to a paint on the 6th floor in Hogwarts.The paint gives you a little spider.Give it to hagrid.He gives you a necklace. Give it to Filch and he will give you a lockhart photo. Give it to a girl on the 3rd floor.She will give you a flashlight.Give it to a boy in a classroom on the 5th floor.He will give you a mouth organ.Give it to a boy in the musicclassroom.He give you a whistle.Give it to prof. Binns and he will give you the best armor in the game.

Unic card

Go to the library right to madam Pince and press A on the bookcase and you will find a unic card.

Extra sickle

In the dormitory go a little to the left and at the wood wall look for a real dark wooden block and press the action button and there it is.

Basilisk Hint

First go into battle with the Basilisk use spells in this order: Vermildilius Trio, Skurg Trio, and (CC) Blast Curse and Beat it. Then start a new game on that file and you well be invincible.


All 5 Quidditch players = play games from start screen (Quidditch or practice games)

All 5 potions cards = get 5 invincibility potions (each lasts 30 seconds or so.)

All 5 animal related cards = unlocks a Bestiary.

all 5 famous wizard cards = spell to unlock everything (chests and the golden doors)

General tips--
You cant get all 100 Red Tomato beans, or all of the last set of cards without linking to the Gamecube (i have completed EVERYTHING and it hasn't shown up..)

complete all the other bean challenges as soon as you can, and look out for the map, it makes finding secret area's RIDICULOUSLY easy to do. although the 3 bonus area's in the portrait room aren't listed..

look Everywhere!!
complete everything except going to Myrtle at the end, and hunt for everything, and save before the battle with Voldamort and keep your immunity potions, they are a god send!

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