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Robot Wars - Game Boy

Robot Wars - Game Boy
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Robot Wars - Game Boy en Favori.

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Unlock All Arenas

Make a robot and name him GLADIATOR

Get All Parts

Make a robot and name him SCRAP METAL

Be Invincible

Make a robot and name him HARD CASE

Win every battle

At the start of the first battle, pause the game and press B,B,B,B,B,B.

Beating the enemy

Enter the war zone. All you have to do is to go into a house Robot's corner, and when the enemy tries to get you, they will get attacked by the house Robot. Easy huh?

Play as house robots

To play as house robots complete the robot mayhem the best way to do this is to make a fast robot with a flipper and a grinder or axe but when the house robots or pussy cat come in drive around the edge of the pit and when they stop near the edge of the pit push them in. You get sir killalot,shunt,sgt.bash, matillda and dead metal

Change Robot in War Zone

Enter the War Zone & choose a robot. Defeat your first enemy & if you would rather be that robot, press the B button & you should be the new robot against your previous enemy. The A button makes the new robot your enemy & you are still the robot who you were. Good Luck & have some Metal Mayhem fun! Let the wars BEGIN!!

How easy can you get

When you start a battle go STRAIGHT too the flame pit and wait for your enemy, he will go onto the flame pit and get burnt to death!!! easy aint it

Get Other robots

Beat the robots in championship mode to get the robot you defeated. Get Terrorhurtz, Stinger, Pussycat, Plunderbird 4, Razer, Onslaught, Mortis, Cassius II, Hypno-Disc, Chaos 2, Panic Attack

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