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Super Mario Bros. DX - Game Boy

Super Mario Bros. DX - Game Boy
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Super Mario Bros. DX - Game Boy en Favori.

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Super Mario Bros. DX - Astuces Soluces

Access Lost Levels

Get a minimum score of 300000 points then at the Title screen select Luigi.

Access You vs. Boo

Get a minimum of 100000 points than at the Title screen select Boo.

Album Pictures

Perform the following actions in any order:

Clear world 84 2 pics
Get fireworks after a level
Find a hidden 1up
Find a bean stalk
Kill a Goomba
Kill a squid thing
Kill Latiku guy who throws Spinys
Kill a fish
Kill a Hammer Bro
Kill a bullet guy
Kill a Koopa Troopa any
Kill a beatle guy
Kill 4 Bowsers

Level Select

Beat the first quest.

Play Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2

Beat Classic game twice without warping.

Play as Luigi

At the Map press Select. Press Select again to revert back to Mario.

Unlimited Continues

At the Game Over screen hold A to continue.

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