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Cel Damage - Game Cube

Cel Damage - Game Cube
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Cel Damage - Game Cube en Favori.

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Various Cheats

At the Character Selection screen select Load and enter any of the following "Names":
GUNSMOKERanged Weapons
MOVEITNOWMovement Powerups
COUNTDEADGet Transylvania World & Count Earl
WHACKLANDGet Desert World & Whack Angus
PENCILSGet Pen & Ink Mode
FATHEADAll Cars, Tracks, Modes
UNIQUEWPNSGet Personal Weapons
HAZARDOUSGet Hazard Weapons
MELEEDEATHGet Melee Weapons
ENCHILADA!Unlock Everything
FANPLASTICGet Plastic Graphics

Unlock Brainiac and His levels

Go to select enter "brainsalad" as a new name.

How To Get T. Wrecks

First get gate rally And Flag rally.Then you have to beat gate rally, smash attack, and flag rally on all three levels in one theme.

How to get Count Earl

First get flag rally and gate relay then go to the grave levels then beat them in all three events.(thats 9,smack attack, gate relay, flag rally) then you get count earl.

Big Head Mode

To make all characters have big heads and small bodies press L+R+Up on the control stick for three seconds during gameplay.

Unlock everything

Start a new game and then Name urself as PITA. To get everything exept plastic shading enter susie! as a name

Get Count Earl and his levels

First hit the play option on the title screen. Next go to the save/load option and put your name as EARLSPLACE. A horn will blow if you entered the code in correctly.


Dracula-Beat Transylvanina,3 Stages, All Categories.

Rex-Beat Jungle,3 Stages, All Categories

Whack Angus-Beat Wild West,3 Stages, All Categories

Brian-Beat Space,3 Stages All Categories

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