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Codename: Kids Next Door - Game Cube

Codename: Kids Next Door - Game Cube
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Cheat Mode:
At the main menu, select the "Top Secret" option. Enter one of the following codes:

Invincibility - 432513

Super Secret in Yatta Yatta Yatta stage:
While playing as Numbuh 5 on the Yatta Yatta Yatta stage, get to the part with the disco ball. Note: When you step under the disco light, robots will appear. When you get the first intermission sequence, you will see you are entirely surrounded. Near the left in the far distance should be a pool table. Go over to it. Once there, notice the pool balls on the table. Use your character to push the balls into the nearby fireplace. Once you get one in, you should hear the same sound that plays when you get a rainbow monkey. Keep track of all the pool balls. If you lose one and cannot find it, you cannot get the Super Secret. When you get all the pool balls in the fireplace, an icon will drop from it. Run into it and you should get a Super Secret unlocked message.

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