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Custom Robo - Game Cube

Custom Robo - Game Cube
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Alternate Arena Graphics

When on the arena select screen in VS., Hold the Z Button on Basic Arena, or No Man's Land to play in alternate graphics for those stages.

Arcade Mode

Beat a new journey in story mode.

Dark Star VS. Stage

Play 50 VS. matches

First Person Mode

Beat a new journey in story Mode

Grand Battle

Beat a new journey in story mode.

Parts Index

Beat a new journey in story mode.

Ray Legend

Beat all the cups in the Z headquarters with a gold trophy, then talk to Oboro.

Ray Warrior

Beat all the cups in the Amusement Park with a gold trophy, then talk to the policeman at the front gate.

Useable CPUs in VS battle

Beat a new journey in story mode.

Unlock Oburo's Robo

Beat all the cups with a bronze trophy at the amusement park
Submitted by Ryan ho


Go to Bogey,s cafe and check out the plates behind the bar on the wall and press A.
Submitted by X Laser

New Stage

Go to VS mode highlight the basic arena or No Man’s Land and press Z.

Crystal Strike Gun

Go to the testhall in the grandbattle and beat machine #4 then talk to him about 4 times then he will give the crystal strike gun info.

How to find the X-laser

To obtain the X-laser enter grand battle and go to bogey's cafe. Go behind the bar and press the "A" button rapidly. You should be able to pick up the X-laser.

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