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Hobbit, The - Game Cube

Hobbit, The - Game Cube
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The Clouds Burst:
Reach Full health easily. On this Level you have to deliver a message to Bard and once you have done that you have to carry until you find Gandalf then Gandalf weill tell you to go find lianna the elf. When you Find her she'll tell you that orc reinforcements are coming, so there should be near where lianna is and at the top of the ladder is four rock refills and exploding rocks. Stay up there and let Lianna do all the Fighting but if you want to go down and help her you can but its not advised.

Anyway let her fight until there is tons and tons of the weird courage points on the floor then when there is enough jump down and collect them all then help Lianna a bit. Now all you have to do is repeat continuously until you reach 2 full lines of health bubbles, then just continue with the level because thats all the health bubbles you can get in total.

Get a lot of health bubbles:
On the last chapter (The Clouds Burst) when Gandalf bursts throuh the wall and tells you to go to Lianna the elf, get on the ledge across from her and shoot the goblins she's fighting and collect all those courage points. Do that for a while and you should get alot of health bubbles.

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