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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - Game Cube

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - Game Cube
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Beating egg golem:
Beside climbing the stairs on Golem's back, you can hit him another way. You can only do this when he has two or less hits remaining. When he uses his head butt of death, stay to the side of his fists so the head misses. Then, get directly under the head. He takes a few seconds to pick it up again, use a bounce attack to hit the battery.

Beating sonic:
In the Dark storyline, instead of trying to catch him off-guard, keep somersaulting at him. This makes the battle easy.

Beating big foot:
In the Hero storyline, you can defeat Big Foot faster by jumping on the wooden boxes. From here, you can attack him without having to wait until he lands. After he shoots out all the boxes, defeat him the standard way.

Beating big foot 2:
As Sonic, if you have the bounce attack, just bounce around Big Foot.

Beating eggman:
In the Hero storyline, during both battles with Eggman forget about the lock-on missile, it is too slow. Instead, rapidly attack him with your Vulcan cannon.

Beating shadow:
In the Hero storyline, during both Shadow battles you can use the same strategies. Shadow cannot defend against the bounce attack.

Beating shadow 2:
Instead of trying to catch him off-guard, keep somersaulting at him. This makes the battle easy.

Beating king boom boo:
In the Hero storyline, only run fast enough so you can see his face. When he starts breathing blue fire, you will have more than enough time to punch the ghost holding the hour glass while he is preoccupied making is wall.

Beating king boom boo 2:
King Boom Boo as one attack called the Chomp Attack. Be careful, because he also speeds up when he does it. If you slow down, quickly speed back up or he will speed up and attack. Special karts in kart racing: Complete all missions with any character (any grades) to get their advanced race cart. Special clear Chao: Mate a sapphire Chao (found in sonic advance) and breed it with a sparkly white Chao. the resulting Chao is clear. Chao fact: Be aware that a Chao dies around the age of 4.

Abuse a chao with knuckles:
If It changes into a dark chao it will have a red ring around it's neck. Note: This doesn't work with hero chao.

Unlocking costumes:
Finish all of one character's missions to get an alternate costume in two player mode.

Unlock the boss time attack mode:
Successfully complete either side story to see all the scenes from the side of the story that you chose or you can play the Bosses that you fought in a time attack mode. To get both the Hero and the Dark modes you have to complete both sides of the game.

Unlock the last stage:
Successfully complete both Hero and Dark side story modes. Enter story mode to access the "Last Stage?" option.

Unlock the extra island level:
To get an extra Island level, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all A rating. Once you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest level will have the face of Sonic on it. The new level is a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone, from Sonic The Hedgehog.

Kart racing mini-game:
Catch the President with Tails, or catch Tails with Rouge.If you do both, you will unlock versus in two-player mode. Either way will work, it doesn't matter which you do first.

Get a seed planted in the chao garden:
You first must gain enough coins in the game to buy a seed. Second, get any Chao to learn the 'Go-Go Dance' in the Chao Kindergarten classroom. Third, give your Chao enough Chao Drives to win every Beginner Chao Race. Finally, after you have completed theses events, give your Chao any seed and it will plant it for you. Note: The Events taken to make this happen have no specific order. This cannot be completed until your Chao is one year old and that weird thing where it looks like a teardrop is forming around your Chao, has happened at least once.

Unlock Dark Chao Garden:
Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Evil characters. Continue to feed and train your Dark Chao until it evolves and goes into its evil cocoon. Once it emerges, a set of descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Chao Garden.

Open hero garden:
When you raise your first hero the garden will be open.

Killing Final Hazard:
To kill the last boss you must hit the pink swellings on him but when either super sonic or hyper shadow run out of rings you will die so dont forget to swop before you do. Each player has 50 rings when you swap the other one will go and collect rings. How many rings you collect will depend on how long it takes you to kill the swelling. The swelling will get harder to kill as the game progress.

Getting Fast 100 ring missions:
With Knuckles or Rouge, you obviosly just cant go digging for rings, but in levels like Mad Space, with Rouge, use the Sunglasses or Treasure Scope, It helps you with rings, real fast!

Defeating Shadow (Second Time):
Use the Light Shoes to keep ahead of him forcing him to use Chaos Control. Once he is in front of you, stay far enough back so that Shadow uses his special attack, then just dash and destroy. Repeat as many times as needed.

Get Eggs:
If you get 80 emblems you can get a shiny orange egg, if you get 100 you can get a silver egg and with 150 emblems you can get a gold egg from the black market (wich is at the kindergarten).

Hard Egg Golem Cheat:
First, go to Story Mode and Hero Story. Choose the movie scene "Shuttle Blast-Off". Right after you choose it, click the A button rapidly. You will see a bunny that looks kinda like Santa Claus coming out of the door in the beginning. After the movie, Egg Golem will move faster and will not give you much time to get on it's back.
1. This works with Dark Side in the movie scene "Hidden Base Intercept" as well.
2. Sometimes this will not work, but most of the time it will!

Chao pictures:
Usally if you find pictures in chao garden and your chao's not around, look at the pictures. They'll show what the other chao did to it.

Ghost Chao:
First get a white chao and hatch it (or shiny white, looks better but costs much more. Hatch it and go to church mountain at pumpkin hill. It looks like a castle. Look around there should be a graveyard. It has the ghost dog. Grab it and go back to chao garden and give the ghost dog to your white chao. Repeat this till your chaos legs disapear. (will not effect how fast it goes in races.) After that give it the broken white eggshell. It looks like an awsome ghost. To make it beter make it a dark chao.

Stop Chao being dozy-eyed:
To stop your chao having half shut eyes, give him a kick/punch or two. The reason he becomes dozy-eyed is from overpetting.

If you give two heart fruit to two Chao side by side they will mate if they have gone in to a cocoon for the first time.

Immortal chaos:
To get Immortal chaos do the following:
1 Chaos (light, dark or neutral) have to evolve two times (transform 1 child, transform 2 adult)
2 They have to be exposed to all animals at least once
3 They have to transform in their coresponding garden

Start with lots of lives:
Before you even start a game get a friend to go on multiplayer Hunting. Instead of finding the emeralds dig and get lots of rings (the more rings the more lives you get, 100 rings=1 live). After you are satisfied with how many you have got, find the Emeralds. Now start a New Game (on either side) and you will start with more lives.

How to make your chao go faster:
Get into any level and try collecting green chao drives for more running. Note: try completing each characters missions to collect more chao drives so that your chao can be faster.

Infinate speed boots:
In city escape you can get infinate speed boots in 2p mode. First collect 80 rings, do not go to 90 or it will mess you up. First get off your snow board with 20 rings. Pass all the robots in the beginning with the most rings you can get. Next get the homing attack rings in the part where those cylinders are. Then get some of the downhill rings. Go up the stairs where the hovering robot is, pass it and hit the continue mark. You should have speed boots if you only have 80 rings. Then hurry and do spin dash on the ramp and hit another pair of speed boots. Wait a few seconds and voila, infinate speed boots with city escape song.

Chao Dying:
This happened to me several times. At sometims when your Chao is really old and you've been playing for like 49 days straight and play with it for a very long time, it may die. 3 of my Chao died because of this. If they die, don't save it. Instead, go back in the garden and transport your Chao to Sonic Advance. That MAY prevent it from dying.

Faster time:
In two player mode when someone uses Time Stop or Chaos Control against you hold the joystick DOWN and the time will pass slightly faster.

Shiny Chao:
How to get a shiny normal chao first get 2 chaos a normal hero chao and a gold hero chao then make them breed and eventualy a shiny normal chao will come out.

Clear the screen:
Pause the game, then press X + Y.

Super saiyan chao:
First get a gold chao. Give it lots of green chaos drives with sonic and shadow. When it evolves it should look like super sonic. Then give it any yellow animal you can find. Make it have these stats: lvl 50 power, lvl 35 flying, lvl 40 running, lvl 10 swimming and level 55 stamina.

Make Chao turn white in Hero Garden:
Put two hatched Chao next to each other. Then pet one of them and one of the Chao will turn white really fast if you keep petting them.
Chao raising tips:
1. Care for your chao it is the only way they will love you.
2. Feed your chao every time you go to the garden.
3. Always give your chao at least one chaos drive/animal.

Principal and doctor:
Did you know that the principal in the kinder garden is the real doctor?! Here are the clues: 1. Principal said so himself that he was actually the doctor 2. The (fake) doctor said Oh, no! your chao is healthy! 3. The (fake) doctor has devil in him and thats all, its kinda creepy though...not knowing if your chao is really sick or healthy.

Sonic vs shadow:
(This is the last action stage) Here is how to attack shadow easier:
1. get in front of shadow
2. Wait till he teleports
3. then right when he does hold down B and you will turn into a spinning ball
4. then realese the B button and you should be launched
5. Now just hit shadow and just do that a couple times and he should die

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