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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Game Cube

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Game Cube
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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Game Cube en Favori.

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Get New Outfits

Finish the game one time

Easy Blue Potion

Although the potion shop in the island with the town makes blue potions using the teardrop items from the slime monsters, it needs 15 blue teardrops to make one blue potion.Instead, use the grappling hook on the monster plants on the island with the big tree to get the venus flytrap item. This item can be traded to the little plant shaman inside the giant tree's cave for blue potions at a better exchange rate (5 flytraps for 1 potion).


In Forest Haven go to the waterfall at the beggining of the level.Stand under the tree branch (or next to the waterfall).Use your Grabbling Hook to swing from the branch and into the waterfall on the right side(closest to the wall).You will end up inside.You can see torches along the wall and a few fire flies flying around.This is not required for the game but its a good place to relax.

Mblims Hint

When fighting two or more moblims L target one then wait till one behind the other then raise your shield then the moblim will attack the front moblim and it will kill it easier.

Translate Hylian->English

If you complete the game the text in the Hylian language will now be displayed in English.

Joy Pendant and Deluxe Picto Box (side quest)

Once you found the picto box go back to the pictographer's shop and go upstairs to view his collection. After Lenzo finishes describing the photos on display leave the shop and go back to it moments later. Lenzo will then ask you to be his assistant. If you agre you'll be subjected to three tests.The pictographer wants to see your ability to properly compose a pictograph. After yo take each picto, return to the shop an show it to Lenzo to see if he approves it. If he does he will give you another challenge. The first challenge is to get a picture of a man putting a letter in a mailbox. To do this run down to the docks and wait for the guy in red coveralls to approach the mailbox. Take a picture of him just as he starts to place a letter into the mailbox. On of the most important lessons in pictography is patience, so stay out of sigh and wait for the right moment.The next challenge is to take a picture of a scared man. What you do is enter the cafe upstairs from where you bought the sail. Grab a jar and throw it at he head of the man sitting at the table. Quickly grab the picto box and tae full body snapshot of the man shaking. Be sure to stand far enough away so that his face and body can be seen straight on.The 3rd challenge is to get a picture of a man and a women making small talk. To do this head up the hill toward the school and ait by the small arch for the red-haired man to stop and talk wih the lady in the orange dress. Watch out for the school kids, they can get in the ay. Take a picture of them talking.Once you've done that Lenzo will reward you with a Joy Pendant. He has one final task in store for you, however. You must return from Forest Haven with one of the mysterious glowing fireflies trapped in a bottle. Once you give Lenzo the firefly, you'll receive the Deluxe Picto Box.

Deluxe Picto Box

After completing the game Link wil start his new adventure with the deluxe picto box (you can take color photographs instead of black and white).

Aryll's Skull Dress

Aryll will have the purple "skull" dress on throughout the game. To get this simply complete the game.

How to kill lava boss

When you enter the boss room you have to walk foward a few feet and then it will show you a short clip of the boss coming out of the lava and then the battle starts. What you have to do is pull out your grappling rope and swing it at the tail hanging from the ceiling. when it latches on start pressin foward the backward until you are swinging very high. then press A when reaching the climax of your swing to land on a platform(if you stay up there too long he will eventually start nbreathing fire on the platform which will burn and hurt). then once you let go of the rope the ceiling will fall on top of the bosses head and it will show a clip of a layer of skin flying of the bosses body. he will then push up and ram the ceiuling back to where it was. do this until his whole armor falls off, you don't need to swing any more now. go down to ground level and when he hits his claws on the ground ready to breath fire what you do is run up and smack him with your swo!rd(if you want to kill him faster then target, pull sword out, and press A which does twice as much damage as a slash). repeat this until he is dead.

How to beat the boss in the tower

When you first enter the boss room go to the middle and the boss will say something then it will come out, this guy is alike bongo-bongo from OOT but this time you have to shoot his hands 2 times and not once well you L-target his eyes and shoot 3 at each then he will come crashing to the floor then L-target his mouth and throw a bomb in it do it about 3 times to win

attacks-----what it does

SHOVE(hands)-----his hand pushs link off the stage
GROUND POUND(hands)----he claps his hands then crashes them to the ground
fire spit(head)----he spits out rapid fire balls at you *that's gona leave a mark*

the reason i put this is because i did not think and tried shooting arrows at his mouth and boomeranging his mouth and slicing it and everything.

Elixir Soup

The Elixir Soup is similar to a plue potion, restoring HP and Magic, except you can use it twice and it also doubles your sword strength until you are hurt.To get it, return to Outset Island after completing the first dungeon (it may be second, I'm not sure-- the King of Red Lions will tell you to go there anyway). Your grandma will be sick, and the people will tell you to bring her a fairy from the Fountain on the island (this is easier if you still have one from the dungeon). Use the fairy when in front of your grandma and it will heal her.She gives you the soup and whenever you return, she'll give you more for free (it'd be a lot better if Outset weren't so far away from civilization!!)

Hide and Seek Game on Winfall Island

Talk to the teacher and find out that the children are misbehaving. Go talk to the leader and he will challenge you to a hide and seek game. Find all of the children in these areas. Run through the doorway nearest the tree, turn left, and the child behind the bush will run out. Catch him, then, roll into the top of the tree nearest the dock with the strange man walking near it. The 3rd child is behind the big stone the man is dancing in front of. The last child is behind the bomb shop. Simply sidle along the edge and run after him when you find him. They can all be found in any order. When you finish, go talk to the teacher for and the children again for a heart container.

Two of the Four Empty Bottles

How to get first empty bottle. When you are about to enter the Dragon Roost Dungeon, You will need no help the little bird girl fly into the cave. Simply run up to where you first entered the dried up spring, on the ledge, wait for the wind to blow towards the opening, and throw her. After she talks to you, she will toss down an empty bottle. You can get the 2nd from Super Beedle,(the man in the colorful boat).However, it must be from Super Beedle,who wears a mask, and it costs 500 rupees. Super Beedle sails around the North Western region of your sea chart, he will eventually send you a map of his shop locations and a picture of his head with a mask will indicate the correct square.

Save the Deku Tree & Get the Deku Leaf

In the Deku Tree's Island you will have to save him from some blob creatures. First, stand on the giant lilly-pad in front of the Deku Tree. Little blob creatures will appear all over the Deku Tree's face. To knock down the blobs, you have to do a rolling attack into the Deku Tree. The blobs will fall. Kill them all and you will see a cut-scene where you have to get up to the Deku Leaf on a branch. Jump into a flower bud on the floor. Try to face the next one (it is up higher). When the flower spits you out press UP all the way. You will land on another one. Continue doing this until you land on branch with one of the Deku Tree's children. Aim your GRAPPLING HOOK at a branch and swing into the next flower bud. Keep going higher up until you get the DEKU LEAF. Then you have to float with the DEKU LEAF to the next ledge so that you can exit to a new place. Aim yourself at the ledge. As soon as you jump off select the DEKU LEAF and hold the stick forwards. If you timed it and did it right you will make it to the other ledge.


100 Rupies

To get 100 Rupies go to outset Island. Go to your house. Crawl and go under the wood part nest to the ramp. Go inside the hole and there is the treasure chest with 100 rupies!

Unlimited Knights Crests and How to lose rupees

To get unlimited knights crests. Get to the part when color returns to underwater hyrule castle. Kill the people which have swords. Do not kill the people with staffs. When you kill a person with a sword break the orb and pick up the knights crest that it drops. Then when you do that to all the guys with swords save and quit. Then return to your file. They will all reappear. Keep on doing this pattern until you have 10 knights crests kill everyone and leave. Go to orca and show him your knights crests. He will teach you the Hurricane slash. This isn't really a cheat but it is strange when you break a pot missis is carrying on Outset Island she will steal some rupees from you. Also in Windfall Island. Go to the bidding place at daytime so no one is gathered there. Break some vases. There are 8. For each vase you break you pay 10 rupees when you try to leave.

how to get magic upgrade and deluxe picto box(without beating the game)

(magic upgrade)
Make sure to have either boumerang , bow and arrows ,or bombs (use as cannon) then go to two eyed reef ( two squares east from home island ) and go to the patch of flying seaguls who are flying over the water. Then a giant octopus will emerge from the water. Deafeat it to get the magic upgrade

(deluxe picto box)
Go to Forest haven and collect a forest firefly (the multicolored ones) then head to windfall island ,there go get the picto box from the jail. Show it to Lenzo ( the picto freak guy) He will say you have a nice picto box. leave then come back. he will give three picto box missions

1. Go to the docks and wait for a guy in red overalls to slip a letter into the mailbox and take a picture .

2.Go to the cafe and grab one of the bottles .stand far away (not to far) and through it at the guy at the table (daytime )Then as he's full of frieght ,take a picture.

3. Stand near the school (or near it ) and aim for the girl in orange cloths. As time passes a guy will walk up to her and they will look at each other .Take a picture .

Return to the picto shop and Lenzo will tell you that he has found a way to make picto's come in colour. Give him the firefly.


Go in front of the guy dansing on the hill and take out your wind waker.

How to get Heart from Giant Octo

Stand on one of the seven-star islands and use a telescope to spot a group of seagulls(they usually hang out to the southwest).Sail over there and wait awhile for a giant octo to appear. You need a boomerang to do this. Lock on to the eyes and destroy them.When it goes down, use the grappling hook at the exact place it sank to find a piece of heart!

Nintendo Gallery

To get to the Nintendo Gallery you need to first climb to the second floor of the deku tree. Its the floor after the one where the tree spirit takes you. When you get there you will see someone standing next to a valt. Use your deku leaf to fly over there. When your next to the valt the person will ask you if you could fly over and hit a switch to open the valt. Put a pear on your head to control a seagul. The switch is somewhere on the side of the mountain. When the valt is open go inside. Talk to the guy behind the counter. He asks for a picture of a statue of some Nintendo character. I wont tell because I'm not sure were it is. But at least you know how to get in the Nintendo Gallery.

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