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You Don't Know Jack! Volume 3 - Game Cube

You Don't Know Jack! Volume 3 - Game Cube
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You Don't Know Jack! Volume 3 - Game Cube en Favori.

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Punishment for Rude Behavior

If you want to have some fun with the announcer, and are not afraid of losing, type in f@#k you ( the real word without symbols). You can do this up to three times in a full game. Each time it will say something different and "things" will happen, like he will give you a new name, which is different each game you do this. Any fun loving adult will appreciate the results.

Holiday Greetings

When playing the game on holidays, mornings, late nights, and Friday and Saturday nights, you will get a special greeting. Reset your computer clock to do this.

Easter Eggs

Start a one player game to get on the high score screen. Keep pressing B at the high-score screen and continue to do this during the commercials. After the initial few commercials you will get to the bloopers.

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