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FIFA Soccer 64 - Nintendo 64

FIFA Soccer 64 - Nintendo 64
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FIFA Soccer 64 - Nintendo 64 en Favori.

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Goal Antics:
After scoring a goal, while the player is doing his victory jog and during the instant replay, pressing the C buttons causes sound effects. Top is horns, left is the crowd yelling, bottom is a drum, and right is a man yelling "Gooooaalllll!"

Losing ?
If you can't stand the thought of losing a FIFA match, follow this simple tip and victory will be yours. Press Start, go down to the Controller Select item on the menu screen and switch teams. Honestly, it's as simple as that - you'll never lose again!

Crowd Tricks:
Up to four times each half, you can press any direction on the D-Pad and the crowd will boo your opposition.

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