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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo 64

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo 64
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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo 64 en Favori.

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Invisible grass:
In the Kokiri Forest find the grass that you can walk through and back flip or side jump through it. If you do it properly then the grass will turn invisible and you can see all the rupees in the grass.

More rupees:
At the bridge of Hyrule when its down carfully walk up the chain. When you get to the top, jump off and push Link onto the wall while you fall and you will get 20 or 50 rupees. Continue doing this to get more money.

Get 500 rupees:
Go to Kokiri forest and hit the kid that is dancing and you will get more than 500 rupees.

Get a shield:
To get a sheild without paying for it go to the graveyard and under one of the graves is a hole go through it and defeat both of the redeads and a chest will appear and there is the shield.

Get the skatalla:
Go by the tree by the castle. Play the song of storms and a grotto will appear. Go in the grotto and get the skatalla. Save it. Shut it off. Turn it on and repeat.

Get Fire Arrow:
In Lake Hylia, walk across the bridges to get to the tree. Play the Ocarina to make it night time. Equip your bow. Play the flute again, then shoot the sun(after u beat water temple if you arent this is a neat trick)if u arent beat the temple just play same thing then play your scarecrow song a scarecrow will appear shot it with a arrow then pick up the fire arrow.

Get Light arrow:
Get all sages medallions. Go to the temple of time zelda will be there she give you them ice arrows. To get the ice arrows you go to the gurodo training center use arrows to kill guards and hookshot to stun them when you get to a place you have to vs this guy or girl beat her him on shoting your arrows wich you get in the forest temple.

To Get The Golden Gauntlets:
To get the golden gauntlets you must go to Ganon's Tower and go into the shadow room. Once there get to the platform past the guy that steels your stuff when he sucks you in. Once on the platform you must shoot the un-lit torch or lite it somehow and there should be a pathway that leads down to a switch, press it, a chest sould fall from the cieling, go back up, dont worry if you fall you can come back and the chest should still be there.

Unlimited Glass Jars:
To get unlimited glass jars all you have to do is to go behind Hyrule Castle (or other sutible site) smash the rock under the tree near the castle gate which reveals some bugs. Take out your glass jar and when swinging for the bug quickly pause the game and change the jar for another item such as the deku sticks. AND DA-DAh! You should have a glass jar where the deku sticks used to be! WARNING!!! Only use items that can be re-picked up such as deku sticks or you may permanatly delete them from your inventory.

Fairy fountain:
When the water is frozen in the Zoras domain, go by the little piece of land and play the song of storms and a hole will apear in the ground. Go in the hole and it is a fairy fountain.

How to get the ice arrow:
This is easy. Just get to the gorodo valley. Defeat all the pirate guards near the five workers. When you do that the second in comand will come up to you and give you a note. After that, if you have Epodima you can get biggest arrow quiver. If you beat the trainer's game a the top of the mountain. Then go to the Gerodo training camp you couldn't go to before because a guard was standing beside it. Go into the room on the left, and right first. Then go to the room straight in front of where you came in. Go to your left.

Easy rupees:
When you first go to see Princess Zelda and she asks you to look through the window. Look to the ones to the right to see Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. Shoot them with your slingshot to get 50 rupees each time you hit them.

Go to Hyrule Castle as a kid. Play the Song of Storms behind the tree in the corner and go down the hole that appears. Target the skulltula do a backflip and at the same time throw your boomerang and collect the token. If done correctly just re-enter and do the same as the spider will still be there.

Get Fire Arrows:
To get the fire arrow go to lake hylia get in the water and when the sun is going down shoot it with your bow and arrow.

As a kid get out your bombs and your boomerang and you have to have the song of storms. Go to the hyrule castle passed all the front guards and go over to the tree behind the gate and play the song of storms and a hole will appear. After you enter the hole turn to your left and bomb the wall and you will see a gold skullata. Kill the skullata but don't take the token. Go near the warp pad that brings you back to the surface and use your boomerang and fire it at the token. Just as the boomerang hits it step on the pad, if you do this right you should have the token. And you can repeat the procsses. If you mess up you turn the game off and then on again with out saving.

Light Reflection Cheat:
NOTE: You must be old Link (with the Master Sword) to do this trick. You can use the Mirror Shield to reflect light for certain things and make some enemies move.

Use any weapon on Epona:
If you want to use any weapon on Epona the horse, get to GANON not ganondorf. So when you get to Ganon, save the game when he knocks out your sword. After that, call Epona and DO NOT equip your sword and just use any item on Epona

How to beat the Temples:
Forest Temple:
In this temple, you basicly have to go where it lets you. It is a tricky temple that requires logic and quick thinking. In this temple you have to explore, as it helps later on. When you first walk in, on your right are some vines. Try climbing them.

Fire Temple:
In this temple you require fast reflexes, quick thinking and swift movement, because most of the things that happen don't give warning (such as fire just bursting out of the floor). In this level you work your way up, so avoid falling when possible.

Water Temple:
In this temple, you NEED patience and quick thinking. The temple is basicly made up of those diamond switches, and once you hit them, they don't last long. I wonder if the Hookshot works underwater?

Spirit Temple:
In this temple you require swift movement and fast reflexes. The many puzzles in this temple will require a lot of time to think. When doing this temple it's a good idea to have a pen and paper with you (to work things out). When you walk into the temple for the first time, there are two snake statues. I wonder what they say?

Shadow Temple:
In this temple you require logic and HEAPS of Magic Meter Potion. You use the Lens of Truth a lot, and you need to pay close attention to the things around you. "I that really there? Maybe I should use the Lens of Truth?"

Funny glitch:
First go to the lake hylain fishing spot as an adult then read the sign in front of the lake then ame your rod at the owner. If done right when you cast it you will have the owners hat on the end of your rod. but if you dont give it back before a minute he'll charge you 50 rubees. Its cool and thats how I caught the 20 pounder to get the gold scale.

Sacred Forest Medow:
In the lost woods go Right, Left, Right, Left then head straight then go Left and you are in the sacred forest medow.

Gorons bracelet:
Speak with the king goron and play zeldas lullaby and sarias song he will give you the gorons bracelet then head to dudongos cavern

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