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Mike Piazza's StrikeZone - Nintendo 64

Mike Piazza's StrikeZone - Nintendo 64
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Mike Piazza's StrikeZone - Nintendo 64 en Favori.

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Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" at the PreGame Menu. But first press L R L R to enable the Cheat Menu:
Devil's Thumb Stadium Right A CUp L A
ALways Hit Home Runs L A Down Right
Crazy Ball CRight A Z B A L L
Crazy Pitches CRight A Z CUp R B
Varied Pitches CRight A Z CUp R L
Easy Steals CLeft A Down CUp Z
Aluminum Bats R A Z B A L L
Red Bats R Down B A Right
Blue Bats B L B A Right
Psychedelic Bats Z B R A
Low Gravity Up R A L
Increased Gravity Up Down L Up R
Fast Game L A Z R B A L L
Slow Game Up L L B A L L
Alternate Sky CRight A Z CUp L R Z
Super PlayersB A R B A L L
Better ThrowsB A L Down Z
Better PlaysB A R Down L B
Faster FieldersR A Z L Down A Z L
Better PitchesB L A B R Z
Faster PitchesR A Z L Down

Various Cheats 2

Enter any of the following "Codes" at the Title screen:
Bonus Teams CRight A Down Left
Hideen Message CUp R B B
View Credits R A Z R CRight A B

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