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Top Gear Rally 2 - Nintendo 64

Top Gear Rally 2 - Nintendo 64
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Top Gear Rally 2 - Nintendo 64 en Favori.

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10000 Sponsor Credits in Support Van

Press L Z Start L L.

Bouncy Cars

Press CUp CLeft R L Down.

Chubby World

Press Z CRight L Up Right.

High Res Mode Requires Expansion Pak

Press CLeft CLeft Left L L.

Max Champ Points in Support Van

Press L CUp Left L L.

No Damage or Failures

Press L Z Start Up Up.

No Depth View

Press Z CRight R Up Right.

One Big Tire

Press CLeft Z R Down Down.

Repair Power

At the Race Description screen press L Z R L and Start.

Speed Warp View

Press Z CLeft R Up Right.

SpeedBased Aspect Ratio

Press Z CLeft L Up Right.

Topsy Turvy

Press CUp Z Start Up Down.

Wobble Tire

Press R Cright Start Down Z.

Volcano Valley World

At the Title screen press CLeft Z R L Down.

HiRez Mode

At the Title screen press CLeft CLeft Left L L. You will need the 4Mb RAM Expansion Pak.

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