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Pokemon Diamond - Nintendo DS

Pokemon Diamond - Nintendo DS
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Pokemon Diamond - Nintendo DS en Favori.

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Adment Orb:
There is a very special orb just made for Dialga. It is at the place where you catch him. The Sear Pillar. It powers up Dragon and Steel type moves. Dialga is Dragon and Steel type. It's a hold item.

Blue shellos:
To catch a blue shellos go to route 231 and you should find it.

Dual Trade:
Dual trading is a special trick its not really a cheat. If you insert pokemon emerald into the Game boy slot & Diamond you trade the pokemon onto each other game. But you cant send new pokemon back to emerald.

Elite Four Glitch:
Ok this glitch was found in the japanese version of the game so I am not sure if it works in the US

Go to the Elite four and go to the first room and turn around and go to the door use surf on the door and you might jump over it. now you can walk around in the abyss.

you can also go anywhere you want with the right number of steps.

yes you can even go to the event pokemon.

Event mission:
Once you beat the game, go back to sunnyshore city and talk to the old people that say that once there was a friendly boy in the town named cyrus (team galactic boss)little do you know they are his grandparents and go everyday until you see cyrus. he will ask you if you want to join team galactic. If you say yes, than you only do one mission-rob the pokemon department store but then you will never be able to go in there again.

Getting all Pokemon:
You cannot catch all Pokemon in this game. You must trade them from your Game Boy Advance Pokemon games. In this game, you can get all the fourth generation Pokemon, but only about fifty original Hoenn/Kanto/Johto Pokemon.

Hidden item:
To find the secret item,go to wayward cave.Go to where you find Mira,get her then when you are going to leave the cave,instead of heading out go down to where the 2 trainers are and fight them.When you win head down to wherethe rocks are and press a at each one.When you find the right one,it will say you have picked up a tiny mushroom(also,you need to have rock smash and needed to of beeten the 2nd gym).

How to get Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf:
Who are these three well once on the top of Mt.Coronets You'll see Dialga and his mighty power's will be quelled by these three pokemon.Later on in the game or so you'll spot the three pokemon in a lake each and here are there desriptions:The yellow pokemon Uxie Lv.50 The blue pokemon Azelf Lv.50 and The pink pokemon Mesprit Lv.50 well I know what UR thinking there all the same way to catch ennnnnnnnnt! U.R wrong the last pokemon Mesprit once u talk to it, itll' flee but it in your map dont worry.[P.S there only there once soI suggest put to sleep,or paralye wellgood luck.

Manaphy egg:
To get the manaphy egg on daimond you must get a specail mssion on ranger net called recover the manaphy egg. Then you can check n the egg in ranger net and then click it it will say searching then put daimond in another ds and search and then it will transfer the egg to daimond.

National Dex:
Complete your Sinnoh Pokedex by seeing all 150 Sinnoh region Pokemon, go to Prof. Rowan's lab and talk to him. Prof Oak will dash in and upgrade it.

National Dex/Completing the Shinou Dex:
Luckily, in this game, all you have to do to complete the Shinou Dex is SEE all the Pokemon in the Dex, as opposed to catching them like in previous games. And once you see all the Pokemon, you unlock the National Dex. There are 151 Pokemon in the Shinou Dex, but not all the new Pokemon are included in it.

In Diamond and Pearl there are 3 new types of poke balls. here they are:

Dusk ball:works well in a dark place like a cave
Heal ball: heals the pokemons health and status problems when chaught
Quick ball:works well if used at the very beginning of a battle

Trainer Tips:
Turtwig- super effective on the first badge and many pokemon in caves.

Piplup-super effective on the first badge badge and few elite four pokemon.

Chimchar-super effective on the second badge and useful around grassy pokemon.

Unlimited Pokemon Transfers:
The fact you can transfer Pokemon from Ruby,Sapphire,FireRed,LeafGreen,and Emerald to Diamond and Pearl is cool, but you can only transfer six a day. To transfer unlimited Pokemon just go to the settings for your ds and change the date to one day ahead and transfer the Pokemon for that date. Do that as much as you want.

Unlock Pal Park:
Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex.

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