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Robots - Nintendo DS

Robots - Nintendo DS
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Robots - Nintendo DS en Favori.

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Unlock Bonus Transit Challenge Courses:
Complete the 5 transit courses throughout the game.

Unlock BWI Transit:
Complete the transit course on Bigweld industries.

Unlock Chop Shop Transit:
Complete the transit course on Chop Shop.

Unlock Jack Hammer's Oil Rush:
Aid Jack with the customers on the bar.

Unlock Mansion Transit:
Complete the transit course on Bigweld's Mansion.

Unlock Outmode Transit:
Complete the transit course on Outmoe.

Unlock Transit System:
Enter a Transit System for the first time.

Unlock Uppercity Transit:
Complete the transit course on Uppercity.

Unlock Zip Line Course:
After finding Bigwell on his Mansion you will go through a stage in a ZipLine hitting dominoes, complete the course.

Special feature:
Play as all characters in the game to unlock a special feature.

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