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Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll - Nintendo DS

Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll - Nintendo DS
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Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll - Nintendo DS en Favori.

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World 11:
Successfully complete Worlds 1 through 10. Go to Hollow Diamond. Turn 180 degrees and go slowly up the ramp. Land on the narrow platform below, then turn around again and hit the red gate (Meteorite Mayhem). Go to Converse. Move towards the right edge. Wait for the red platform to pass its vertical angle. Gain some speed and dash at the red gate (Big Bang Boom). World 11 will now be unlocked.

World 12:
Unlock the 2006 banana meter, then collect 2006 bananas from any World in the main game.

2006 banana meter:
Successfully complete World 11.

Credits mini-game:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Credits mini-game at the options menu.

Rollercoaster Level:
When you unlock Fantascene Falls, for #3: rollercoaster, if you don't make it to the goal the first time, then you can't beat it that time because the colored parts fall off after you run over them once.

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