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Red Faction - Nokia N Gage

Red Faction - Nokia N Gage
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Red Faction - Nokia N Gage en Favori.

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Enter this code during gameplay.

Code - Effect:

#86642# - 100% armor
#24559# - 100% health
#37427# - All Weapons
#53787# - Ammo
#76676# - Everything
#85526# - Full Health

Get Automatic Shotgun early:
Go through the level and collect the Remote Mines, as you will need them later. Continue until you reach a point where there are two yellow cases on the right being watched by two guards. Take out the guards, then toss a Remote Mine near the two cases. It will explode, opening a passage. Go right and collect the health, then go back to the entrance of the hidden passage and go left to collect the Automatic Shotgun. It is a very useful weapon because it kills regular guards in one hit and the yellow guards in two or three hits.

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