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A10 Cuba - PC

A10 Cuba - PC
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A10 Cuba - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

First turn on Invincible Aircraft control setting then enter any of the following "Codes":
Ctrl Tab Add 500 Feet to Altitude
Ctrl Tab S Slow Motion
Ctrl Tab X Enable Joystick


While in flight (or after you die) you can hit CTRL-S to go into slow mode. You start out in the exact geographic center of the island. Now hit CTRL-X to turn on your joystick. Now, you can move (point) with your stick. Here are the keys:

8 = hit repeatedly to go forward
2 = hit repeatedly to go backward
4 = hit repeatedly to go left
6 = hit repeatedly to go right
7 = hit repeatedly to go up
1 = hit repeatedly to go down

The trigger fires the cannon (toned down for some reason) and ENTER fires heavily toned-down mavericks. Now you can visit the baseball field in Havana, the hole in the wall, or complete the mission after you die.

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