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Arcade America - PC

Arcade America - PC
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Arcade America - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Esc to bring up the options menu then type 7TH followed by any of the following "Codes" and press Enter. Then click on No Way to return to the game:
ANGEL One Extra Life
MAKEAWISH Ten Extra Lives
ILOVEJOEY 50 Extra Lives
GIMMEAMMO Ten Extra Bullets
BLASTEM 100 Extra Bullets
GOLDENGUN 500 Extra Bullets
OMNIJOEY Invulnerability
URHOPELESS Get Special Item
HALEJOEY Restore Full Health
WARP2SINNERS Warp to Alcatraz
WARP2SLOTS Warp to Las Vegas
WARP2GORGE Warp to Grand Canyon
WARP2FACES Warp to Mt. Rushmore
WARP2MUDPIT Warp to Oklahoma
WARP2DOLLS Warpt to Mardi Gras
WARP2RESORT Warp to Miami
WARP2WHOUSE Warp to Washington DC
WARP2WBOGUS Warp to Woodstock no goons
WARP2WLATE Warp to Woodstock too late
WARP2WCOOL Warp to Woodstock success
ROAD2SLOTS Road to Las Vegas
ROAD2GORGE Road to Grand Canyon
ROAD2FACES Road to Mr. Rushmore
ROAD2MUDPIT Road to Oklahoma
ROAD2DOLLS Road to Mardi Gras
ROAD2RESORT Road to Miami
ROAD2WHOUSE Road to Washington DC
ROAD2THEAPPLE Road to New York
ROAD2THEGIG Road to Woodstock
GIMMETIME Set Location Time to 10 Minutes
NOSCORE Set Score to 0
NOBULLETS Set Bullets to 0
NOHEALTH Set Health to 1/4
TOGGLEWIGGLE Toggle Pull Item Wiggle
MAVERICK Toggle Shoot Down
IMAGONER Set to Last Life 1/4 Health

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