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Bang Gunship Elite - PC

Bang Gunship Elite - PC
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Bang Gunship Elite - PC en Favori.

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Level Select

Enter the following as your player h3:

2 mayday
3 victory
4 challenger
5 azimuth
6 revealed
7 stoneage
8 warfare
9 oxygen
10 skyhigh
11 sunshine
12 blowup
13 neuftrois
14 baracuda
15 giveaway
16 waterfall
17 seventeen
18 neartheend
19 y2k

Various Cheats

dogmode God Mode
stoneskin Infinite Shield Control
pianist Enemy Shot Control
boooost Infinite Boost Control
kinput String Input in Cheat Menu
reflux Infinite Flux Beam Ammo
greens Infinite Phase Shift Cannon Ammo
firecrackers Infinite Hellfire Ammo
nails Infinite Titans Hammer Ammo
volcano Infinite Magma Cannon Ammo
lightning Infinite Electronic Laser Ammo
staystill Infinite Stasis Cannon Ammo
listener Infinite Sonic Cannon Ammo
bloody Infinite Plasma Cannon Ammo
stormfire Infinite Ammo for All Weapons
getridof Turn Off Infinite Ammo for All Weapons

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