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Conquer: Yuri's Revenge - PC

Conquer: Yuri's Revenge - PC
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Conquer: Yuri's Revenge - PC en Favori.

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Take over enemy structures for money

First send in one of your Yuri Primes into (an IV tank if you can find one) the enemy base and push the expand button or click twice on him. Then you sell it and get a lot of money for it

Two Yuri Primes

To get two Yuri primes, you must build a barracks, war factory, battle lab and a cloning vacts. Then you buy a Yuri prime and a second will come out of the cloning vact.

Build everything

Note: The following trick only works for Yuri's side. First, you must have two allies, one Soviet and one Allied. Next, build everything you can build including Cloning Vats. Train a Yuri Prime. Since you have Cloning Vats, you will have two. Send one to your Allied allies and use Force Control to take control of their Construction Yard (hold [Ctrl] and click on it). While the Yuri Prime is still controlling the Construction Yard, build every thing you can with the Allies. Then, repeat the entire process again with the other Yuri Prime on your allied Soviets.

Keep construction yard

In skirmish or multi-player mode, when you need a base and have a Yuri Prime, capture the Construction Yard, then click on it. After that, click anywhere on the map in the area. The vehicle is now permanently yours.

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