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Deer Hunter 4 - PC

Deer Hunter 4 - PC
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Deer Hunter 4 - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

Press F2 and enter any of the following "Codes" then press F2 again:
dh3beacon Irresistible to Animals
dh3find Brings you to the Nearest Animal
dh3nofear Animals are not afraid of you
dh3sightin Sights in your gun
dh3leadeyeView Follows Projectile
dh3waterMake it Rain
dh3iceMake it Snow
dh3f13More Blood
dh3monsterBig Deer
dh3homegymHunter Doesn't Get Tired
dh3showmeView Deer on Map
dh3truck No Clipping
dh3skyhook Flight Mode
dh3superEnable All Cheats
dh3caddyshackWalk Around in Target Range
dh3plagueNo Animals
dh3damperNo Noise
dh3tracersView Bullet Paths
dh3climberStops Slope Effect
dh3deerwatchShow Info on Nearest Deer
dh3vmwatch Show Info on Active View Models
dh3dry Clear All Weather
dh3noon Force Time of Day to Noon
dh3breakdown Show Info on All

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