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Delta Force: Land Warrior - PC

Delta Force: Land Warrior - PC
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Delta Force: Land Warrior - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Swedish users press Danish users press then type any of the following "Codes":
lookdnabs Absolute Look Down
lookupabs Absolute Look Up
turnleftabs Absolute Turn Left
turnrightabs Absolute Turn Right
NextWaypoint Advance to Next Waypoint
domi Artillery Strikes
5explosives Aux 1
altmoveback Back
Ban Ban
Binoculars Binoculars
talkblue Blue Talk
Bozo Bozo Mode
VonBT Break Talker
centerview Center View
magazine Change Magazine
sky Change Sky Color Reduces Lag
talk Chat
command Command Prompt
BigMap Commander's Map
Crouch Crouch
cycle Cycle Weapons
VonRVD Decrease Record Volume
6detonator Detonator
VonDisplay Display
VonDLT Display Last Talker
Drop Drop Item
dualcpu Dual CPU Mode
quit Exit Game
exit Exit Mission
attack1 Fire Weapon
showgun First Person Gun View
1stPerson First Person View
flipmouse Flip Mouse Direction
flyup Fly Up
altmoveforward Forward
ShowFriendly Friendly Tags
7grenade Grenade
help Help
hudcolor HUD Color
huddetail HUD Detail
VonRVU Increase Record Volume
roy Invincibility
drury Invsibility
corbet Invisible
movejump Jump
killlist Kill List
1knife Knife
8laser Laser Designator
LoadGame Load Game
lockgame Lock Game
lookdown Look Down
lookup Look Up
mousescale Mouse Scaling
moveback Move back
moveforward Move Forward
CameraDown Move View Down
CameraLeft Move View Left
CameraRight Move View Right
CameraUp Move View Up
VonMCT Mute Current Talker
netdelay Net Delay
NextFlag Next Flag
NVG Night Vision
Pause Pause Gameplay
3primaryweapon Primary Weapon
Prone Prone
PuntCRC Punt CRC
PuntLog Punt Log
Punt Punt Mode
VonTalk Push to Talk
CoolNVG Realistic Night Vision
OldMessages Recent Messages
talkred Red Talk
resetgames Reset Game
restart Restart Mission
SaveGame Save Game
savescores Save Scores
scope Scope
scopemag Scope Magnification
scopescale Scope Scale
scopedec Scope Zero Decrease
scopeinc Scope Zero Increase
PrintScreen Screenshot
4secondweapon Secondary Weapon
VonSLT Select Last Talker
VonSBX Select Target
server Server Screen
setasslot0 Set as Slot 0
setasslot1 Set as Slot 1
setasslot2 Set as Slot 2
setasslot3 Set as Slot 3
setasslot4 Set as Slot 4
setasslot5 Set as Slot 5
setasslot6 Set as Slot 6
setasslot7 Set as Slot 7
setasslot8 Set as Slot 8
setasslot9 Set as Slot 9
CrossHairColor Set Crosshair Color
gamma Set Gamma Level to
2sidearm Sidearm
9medic Special
Stand Stand
Slide Strafe
slideleft Strafe Left
altslideleft Strafe Left
slideright Strafe Right
altslideright Strafe Right
stalk Team Chat
0tossslot Toss Slot
tracers Tracers
turnleft Turn Left
turnright Turn Right
kariya Unlimited Ammo
VonUSP UnMute Selected Player
Verbose Verbose Mode
MissionGoals View Goals
NoRun Walk
zoomin Zoom In
CameraZoomIn Zoom In
zoomout Zoom Out
CameraZoomOut Zoom Out
lbsize ???
saturation ???
LastGame ???
flydown ???
toggleitem ???
briefing ???
escape ???
gimme Get below

Gimme Numbers

gimme 1 psg1 light sniper riflesilenced
gimme 2 m82a1 heavy sniper riflebarrett .50
gimme 3 ammo reload
gimme 4 m40 sniper rifle
gimme 5 .45 socom
gimme 6 .45 socomsdsilenced
gimme 7 glock 18 sub machine pistol
gimme 8 m249 saw
gimme 9 fn mag light
gimme 10 m4 masterkey
gimme 11 g11 light assault rifle
gimme 12 steyr aug light assault w/grenade launcher
gimme 13 ak47 light assault rifle
gimme 14 oicw light assault rifle
gimme 15 mp5sd
gimme 16 ump
gimme 17 calico sub machine gun
gimme 18 p11 underwater pistol
gimme 19 uaw underwater rifle
gimme 20 mm1 automatic grenade launcher
gimme 21 pancor jackhammer
gimme 24 at4 antiarmor weapon
gimme 28 satchel charge
gimme 29 m18 claymore
Submitted by jb1

Other cheat

Frenzie - Enables all gunsExample(tap 1 once to get knife then tap it again to get different weapon
Submitted by Xavier

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