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Devil's Island Pinball - PC

Devil's Island Pinball - PC
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Devil's Island Pinball - PC en Favori.

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Submitted by Mike Mee

Various Cheats

During gameplay press Print Screen and enter any of the following "Codes":
none shall pass Toggle Ball Blocker
checkmate Set to Final Ball
geriatric Time Increased
juvenile Time Decreased
debate team Points Added
miss marple Mystery Lit
field goal Kickback Lit
idiot box Video Mode Ready
oogabooga Witchdoctor Ready
false gods Idol Ready
easter island Big Ugly Head Ready
pompeii Volcano Ready
peashooter Cannon Ready
deadman Zombie Ball Enabled
mixmaster Next Ingredient Enabled
donut Last Ingredients Enabled
transwarp Powerball Enabled
1 green bottle Cannibal Attack Lit
2 green bottles Pirate Gold Lit
3 green bottles Jungle Pursuit Lit
4 green bottles Snake Slaying Lit
5 green bottles Into the Lair Lit
6 green bottles Voodoo Curse Lit
7 green bottles Scorpion Hunt Lit

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