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Driv3r - PC

Driv3r - PC
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Survival mode
 After the countdown to start, turn the car around and drive in the opposite direction. Go to the first road on the right and follow it. Try not to get hit by the cops, as it will slow you down. A short distance up that road is a parking garage on the right. Go inside and go all the way to the top level. Try not to have any cops follow you. You can go the very top level and just park at the corner. The cops will not go up there, and the timer just keeps ticking.
 Destroying horns
 In Take A Ride mode, when you drive correctly sometimes an annoying person gets behind you and constantly beeps their horn. If this annoys you, you can back-up and ram your rear end into the front end of their car to destroy the horn.
 Car bomb
 When outside your car, take out your gun and shoot at your car's window or hood. After about five shots, run away from your car. After about five seconds after running from your car, it will blow up. If traffic is waiting, the people in the cars will get killed, but you will not.
 Cops gone wild
 This will work on any level. During Take A Ride mode when the cops are not after you, pull out your gun and start shooting people. Once you see a cop coming towards you on your radar, quickly put your gun away. The car will stop in the middle of the street and the two officers will get out. One of the officers will stand by the car while the other wanders off. Keep both of them in sight for about a minute (without pulling out you gun or stealing a car). One of them will start shooting at people for no reason. Sometimes both of them will shoot.
 Drive under car
 Drive the Go-Kart in Miami and look for a moving or stationary car. Slowly run into the car with the Go-Kart. The Go-Kart will go under the car. This is useful for going past a car.
 Get arrested
 In any car, if you tail a police car for too long they will arrest you.
 Getting out of roadblocks
 To get out of roadblocks easier, try looking for a fence you can drive through or just cut across some grass or the pavement. If you cannot manage any of these, build up some speed and bash into one of the police cars. Hit the front or the back, otherwise you will not get anywhere. Doing this will probably cause you to flip your car over - try to steer in the correct direction to help keep your balance. When you emerge from the other side of the roadblock, you should have only one police car after you.
 Hijack mission
 Move the truck in the road. Follow the truck until you are blocked in. Shoot off the front bumper with the M-16 then continue to shoot it towards the vehicle. As it bounces off of the truck, the truck will get back out of the way. By doing this, you do not have to go off the annoying jump around back of the building that always flips your car over. When you catch up to the truck, get alongside him and just push the front of the it toward the lamp posts. He will immediately come to a violent stop. This will give you a perfect opportunity to kill him without totaling his vehicle, and thereby ruining the mission. To find the place where the car is located, continue on the path he was taking then take a left to get to the end of the map and make a right. You will see a couple of gunman on the right in front of the entrance. Never go in the other side, placing the target in the line of fire.
 Losing cops
 When running away from the cops, weave in and out of traffic and poles and trees. The cops will not be able to keep up because they will crash.
 Make cops run into you
 Select Take A Ride moide. Get a cop on your tail. Get a short distance from the cop. Stop and get out of the car. Walk directly behind your car facing the cop with any gun out. If done correctly, the cop should drive at full speed at you and kill you.
 Rescue Dubois mission
 In the car chase mission when you must save Dubois, instead of chasing him in your yellow car, run diagonally (up and left) until you get in front of the escaping car. The car will hit you every time you get in front of it. Note: Make sure you have enough energy for this trick. With practice and good timing, instead of the car running you down, it will knock you up on the hood. Once on top of the hood, duck down and aim for the roof with the weapon of your choice.
 Retribution mission
 Use the following trick to finish part three of the mission fast and easily. Leave an extra health pack on the way to chase Gator. Do not shoot the thugs outside. Just run to the boat and chase Gator. Do not lose him or the mission ends. Chase him to the Stiltsville deck. Stop in between the two decks. Make sure that they do not see you. Shoot the two on right deck top and bottom. On the other side, shoot the three thugs; one on top and two on the bottom. If you cannot reach the thugs, stand on top of the boat. Then, go back to the docks. Stay in the boat and shoot the thugs that you left behind. When they die, go up to the docks and get your last health pack that you left in the second room. If you do not need the pack, go back anyway until you see Gator's life meter again. This also happens if you need the health pack. Go back to Stiltsville deck. Park near the one with Gator's boat. Stand on the boat and shoot the man on the top that is ready to shoot you. Then, park the boat by Gator's boat. Get off. Do not go up to kill the thugs. Stand by Gator's boat and shoot at the back engine of the Cigarette 38 Top Gun boat. Watch as Gator's meter goes down and finish the mission.
 Road kill
 Go to Take A Ride mode and choose the 18 Wheeler. Start driving fast and head onto the wrong side of the road. When you see a car coming towards you, ram it head-on. Then, get out of the vehicle and you can see that the driver of the car you rammed died on impact. Note: Try to back your truck back onto the correct side of the road because the cops will arrive to investigate the accident. If you keep driving on the wrong road they will come after you.
 SPAS-12 shotgun
 Get your felony meter filled. The cops will start carrying shotguns. Kill the cops and take their shotguns to get one. Note: In order to always start Take A Ride mode with the shotgun you obtain, go to "Quit Game" after you get one then go to "Profiles" on the main menu and select "Save Profile".
 Tanner picks his nose
 Allow the game to idle for over a minute and Tanner will pick his nose.
 Using 18 wheeler
 You can hook and unhook your trailer from the cab during game play. If you choose the semi when starting, look near the starting point for a trailer. Back into the trailer to hook it up. To release the trailer press reload.
 18 Wheeler Havoc
 Kill all ten Timmy Vermicellis in Miami. Go to the Miami armory to activate the "18 Wheeler Havoc" option

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