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Epic Pinball 3 - PC

Epic Pinball 3 - PC
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Epic Pinball 3 - PC en Favori.

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Because there is a different program for each table then there are 4 hacks for this gameanyway here usual change the following offsets:

Cyborgirl Edit the EP9.EXE file
Change offset 33C0E to 803E7741 xx 90909090

Pangaea Edit the EP10.EXE file
Change offset 34F08 to 803E7438 xx 90909090

Space Journey Edit the EP11.EXE file
Change offset 30698 to 803E3D37 xx 90909090

Toy Factory Edit the EP12.EXE file
Change offset 31D0C to 803E0037 xx 90909090

In all hacks change the value at xx to be the number of balls you wish to play the game with 1 numbers must be in hex So if you want 10 balls then xx must be 0B equals 11 in hex

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